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Skywest becomes the regional of choice for Southwest

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Active member
Mar 25, 2004
Now I'm really confused on how to make the announcements. Welcome aboard Skywest Airlines Flight 3267 in partnership with Airtran Airways owned by Southwest Airlines...too long.
don't worry, that flying will go away soon
I think it will be interesting to see how everything plays out for all parties attached... You have ALPA at Airtran, in house at SWA, and SWA scope that now butts against airtran, different unions merging..... It'll be interesting for sure.
No scope allowed at Southwest. I'd bet that flying disappears.
I'd say Skywest loses this flying, and that isn't good for them. Also, with Southwest getting a hold of ATL gates, Delta had better dump RJs and get some more mainline equipment to fight them off. An RJ against a Southwest 737 is a win for Southwest, and I bet Delta's management knows that. Too bad for Skywest.
I believe the well is drying up. Regionals will make opportunities or fade away.
I believe the contract has a 6 month termination clause for either party. Realistically you can expect those 5 SkyWest CRJ 200s to be put down.

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