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Signature Flight Support F$$K YOU!!!

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Short, but very well put.
What... They run out of cookies in the lounge again?
While I am not a huge fan of the place (domesticly), what issue do yo have with these folks. Yes they are expensive ... but so is running a private aircraft.
Signature's service is (generally) good...but their pricing for fuel & fees is out of the stratosphere, especially at airports where they have a monopoly. Now this isn't a trait unique to Signature, they just tend to take it to a whole new level.

Employees of one Signature we frequent (monopoly) has told me they "got in trouble" from management above their own location manager for lowering the minimum fuel uplift for us from 135gal down to 100gal. This is a shame, because the location manager is a good guy and would always work with us...it's sad to think Corporate is micromanaging their business that way.
Wow, have you ever been to Signature BWI...Does the phrase "Got you by the shorthairs" mean anything ?

$6.00+ gal for JetA and $400 handling charge. Ramp fee was a few hundred bucks waived with a large uplift of their overpriced fuel. :uzi:

You can't even walk from the fbo to your a/c with escort.

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