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Shuttle America guys in E 170 laugh at Us

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B-J-J Fighter

Royce Gracie in Action
Dec 1, 2001
We were sitting on the pad at HPN waiting for a gate when a Shuttle America 170 pulls up on the pad to our right. We are sitting there with both engines running vibrating and making a lot of noise like more t-props. I look out my window just trying to kill a little time as we were next in line for a gate. When i look out my window both the guys in the 170 of course were looking down at us and laughing pointing at our a/c. Of course I couldn't hear what they were saying but I can only imagine. I hope most CHQ/SA 170 pilots are like these guys.
B-J-J Fighter said:
Very well could have been laughing WITH us, however I doubt that. It was almost a schatt eating grin.
The road to hell is paved with schatt eating grins, get over it.
We were laughing at that battered GPU you were draggin behind ya.
snap ;)
"Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."

"The best laid plans of mice and men sometimes go awry."

"Treat your f/os with respect because they could be your next captain."

Time tested words of wisdom.

A decade ago Shuttle America was nothing more than an idea to run a Dash-8 commuter in New York.

A decade ago the Chautauqua pilots were flying battered Jetstream 31s.

A decade ago Piedmont and Allegheny were the premier regional airlines.

A decade ago we all drooled over the new PSA Dorniers.

A decade ago we all wanted to be in the pool at United.

A decade ago Mesa had a base in Dubois, PA.

A decade ago Valujet was pay-for-training.

A decade ago TWA was hiring.

A decade ago the F28, the F100, and the DC9-10 were all "regional jets" -- and they all paid more than the E170 does today (even if you correct for inflation).

Anyone who laughs at another pilot's situation is a very, very poor student of aviation history.

But for the grace of god, there go we all.
Furloughedagain, excellant post. You know, the older I get, the more I realize that I don't know crap. In life in general and in this dumb industry in specific.
You know what is even funnier, I make the same amount of money flying a turboprop that these guys make flying their E-170! From my window the sky looks the same as their view.......

I actually enjoy flying rather than pushing a bunch of buttons. What about you?
Maybe they were laughing at your tow pins?

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