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Shoes! My dogs are barking!

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Active member
Nov 26, 2001
After trying various and moderate priced shoes, i am still at the point where the best part of my day is kicking off my shoes at the end of a duty period (pretty sad). Any suggestions on uniform-compatible shoes that are COMFORTABLE! Price is no object!!
Try Clark's, they're an english company and a good shoe. They run about a hundred bucks.

I bought a pair of black Dockers dress shoes almost two years ago and they're still in real good shape and very comfortable. I did replace the insoles recently but I've got more use out of them then I expected. About 70 bucks.
I bought a pair of Doc Martins for $69 at JC Penny's almost a year ago.. Best shoe I've ever worn!!
Dr. Scholls shoes are very comfortable and cheap. Perfect for the underpaid regional pilot. You can get them at places like Wal-Mart (the place for underpaid pilots to shop) for about thirty bucks.
Buy a pair of Florshimes, they are more comfortable then any pair of shoes I have ever owned dress, tennis, or any kind of shoes for that matter. They are just a little over $100 and will last for a while and always look good.
Dr. Martin's are by far the best shoe I've ever flown with. I even use them on days off! There are tons of styles I have wing tips and they are well worth the $
:) :) :) I think I have the answer to your problem.I strongly recomend checking out these shoes before you buy a pair. I have a similar problem with tight fitting shoes. Anyway, Birkenstock came out with a pair of dress shoes called the "Kensington" Which look and feel great. I saw them in a store in Marina del Rey, Ca which is not too far from LAX.Some web sites didn't have them when I tried to find a better price so be persistent. The cost was $199, but I think it was a good deal for the comfort level.
Rockports are the way to go

Mr.Aviation said:
Rockports. About $120.

I have to agree with the suggestion for Rockports-not only do they look good-but they feel awesome-like a comfortable pair of tennis shoes-but still stylish and professional.
Remember the commercial when the guy ran a marathon in a pair of Rockports-it sure feels like you could.
I feel your pain!

In addition to the other great suggestions, you might consider some "quality" insoles. As a runner, I always remove my shoe's factory insole and replace it with a good aftermarket footbed. If you like the look of your current shoe and just want more comfort, it's something to consider.

Spenco makes good insoles for $15-$30. You can find them at any shoe store or sporting goods shop.

Best of luck! TF
I just put of pair of Dr. Scholls inserts ($7.99) in my rockports the other day and it made a big difference walking around and being on my feet all day.
I second the inserts...I put a pair in my Kenneth Coles and they made a huge difference.

You might also try Ecco shoes. They have a pretty good reputation for comfort, but at a price. I found the fit to be a bit unusual for me, however. I'm still looking.
God bless the Chinese

I buy an ankle boot from Walmart called Fanfare. They are very comfortable and cheap. $20.00 They are great for walking around on the ramp in all the slush. I get a new pair every 3 months, if ever my feet start to hurt I just think of the price, and I feel better. In reality I have gone dancing with them all night, and my feet felt great--but then maybe it was the Tequila.