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RJ vs. DC-9-10

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Jan 29, 2002
Short to Medium-Range Jetliner

Service Entry 8 December 1965 (with Delta Airlines)

PASSENGERS: (DC-9-10) 80 in two classes, 90 in one class
Length: 104 ft
Wingspan: 89 ft
Height: 27 ft
Max Takeoff: 90,700 lb


Passengers: 70
Length: 106 ft
Wingspan: 75 ft.
Height: 24 ft.
Maximum Takeoff
Weight 75,000 lbs.

Passengers: 86
Length: 120 ft
Wingspan: 77
ftHeight: 25ft
Max Takeoff: 84,500

Passengers: 70
Length: 98 ft
Wingspan: 86ft
Height: 32ft
Max Takeoff: 81,240

Passengers: 96-104
Length: 119 ft
Wingspan: 95ft
Height: 32ft
Max Takeoff: 106,922

The term "Regional Jet" dosen't seem to work with these "Short to Medium-Range Jetliners"
This flamebait has been posted hundreds of times on various message boards. I think it has been beaten to death.
I don't think this is flamebait--its a hint at the future.

The cost/pax is the big issue. As long as regional guys get paid a "C" scale wage the advantage and growth on routes will be on the regionals...at least until capacity at major airports becomes gridlocked and the advantage again goes to jets with more seats.

SWA, Frontier, and JetBlue all try to keep fairs low with low fixed costs, high flight volume (to divide fixed costs by the highest number of pax possible), and to a lessor extent pilot compensation. On the other hand, the regionals lean on lower wages as their primary advantage.

I'm not baiting anyone here--and I don't have an "off the cuff" solution. However, the regionals will grow until A) their crew cost advantages ceases (perhaps due to union actions?) or B) the Feds start leaving serious landing fees at busy airports (and that's not likely now with a weaker post 9/11 economy).

Where is Bluedevav8tor? He has done MEC work for a regional....he might be a good guy to weigh in on this.

Fly safe
You ever notice that RJ drivers never respond on any of these websites. Do they feel guilty or do they not make enough to buy a $400 computer?
Let's face it, the term "regional jet" is a misnomer. They are "small jets". But we all know what's meant by the term "RJ" so there's no sense in getting bent out of shape over it.

Incidentally the DC9-10 has a full-sized interior which is more comforable than the CRJs or ERJs. I don't know about the new Embraers yet.
I don't see too many DC9-10's out there, it was considered the "baby 9".

If you want to compare the new RJ's to the B717, (which is basically the DC9-30 airframe), ours seat 117 pax in a two-class configuration (sell those business class seats!).

The difference between the Nationals and the jet Regionals isn't just the equipment- it's also about pay and work rules. Part of the reason the Regionals continue to get away with that is because they still hire a large number of first-time airline pilots (CFI's, banner towers, freight dogs) who see $20K a yr as a raise, and $50K Capt pay as "the big time".

Nationals like Airtran, Midwest Express, Jet Blue, and others generally hire pilots from regionals, which means that the thrill of flying a 121 jet has worn off, and they are more focused on the pay and benefits, and insist on being paid a more reasonable rate. That is why F/O pay at AirTran is about even with Capt pay at Comair and the others.
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How do you get a major airline JOB?????????
(Without going Millitary)

Last time I checked all Majors require PIC Turbine time. Maybe all us civillian guys should quit our entry level PIC turbine building regional jobs because they don't pay enough. Oh wait... then how could we build PIC Turbine time. Regionals are the civillians entry level job. It is a stepping stone to get to the majors. (Not for everyone but for most) New hire pilots have 1000 total 100 Multi (or in that area)

Find all the civillian regional pilots an alternative way to build PIC Turbine Time for better pay or stop posting this garbage.

Zymotic... HawkerJack didn't notice your type cause his head is way to far up his A$$. Maybe we could borrow his daddy's king air to build time.

First of all, let me be the first to welcome you to this Board. Every Village needs an Idiot, and I guess you will certainly fit the bill. If you think the answer is so very obvious, maybe you just don't understand the question.

The truth is that there are less and less major jobs, and that the "PIC Turbine Building Jobs" are quickly becoming "career employment". As long as you and other idiots like you continue to treat flying at anything less than a major as simply more flight training/experience building, you will continue to guarantee low wages and poor work rules at the regionals.

PS., I didn't come from the military, and I didn't buy a job, either.
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reason for post

The reason I posted these numbers was to show how the line between the majors and "regionals" is being erased. I'm sure if you were a pilot at DAL in 1965 when they introduced the DC-9 you would have been thrilled to fly it, with an "FE" of course. When TXI first flew the DC-9 with a two pilot crew it changed aviation as we know it by not having the FE. All the major airline pilots were pissed at TXI for agreeing to fly without one. As you can see now they would have never won the fight. Two pilot crews are here to stay. Just like the "Regional Jet" is here to stay. As regional airlines get bigger and fly larger planes on longer routes the pay, benefits, and work rules should grow also. We are back where we were in 1965, flying "short to medium haul jet aircraft". Only this time the fight is not over 3pilot vs. 2pilot crews, it is over who should fly the plane in the first place. In my opinion an airline ahould be able to fly the best aircraft for the route, period. If an airline could deploy any aircraft it wants to best suit the route (not to best suit the scope clauses) it would undoubtably make money. So erase the scope clause, erase the regional airline, one company, one pilot group, no limits.

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