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Resigning Seniority

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Mar 28, 2003
This is proving to be a much tougher decision than I imagined it would be. I've been offered a job with a regional, which I will admit seems like a blessing after being out of ANY work for 9 months. But they will make us give up or seniority/recall rights. The flip side is I have no good feeling for if or when the frac world will pick up and start recalling. It's turning my stomach trying to decide what to do...anyone who's crystal ball is working who wouldn't mind sharing some insight please do...mine broke long ago.
Depends on if unemployment has run out, which frac you're giving up rights to, whether that frac will still give you a recall even if you send in the letter, which regional, their outlook etc...

The only regionals I can think of hiring are Colgan, Whiskey, and Eagle.

Colgan - No way I'd give up recall rights. Might as well work at Home Depot or something of that nature.

Whiskey - Anybody's guess whether they'll furlough you when flying drops off, plus their future is uncertain.

Eagle - Non-existent upgrade, but that could change. Being tied to AA might be a bad thing though as all manner of labor issues are headed their way.

If you can do it, I'd explore things without wings for a while and wait out the furlough. Whatever you choose, I hope it's the right decisions for you, and wish you the best!
just tell them you will give up your recall.....just dont actually do it. if they want you to sign something then sign it. it wont hold up in court if you quit to go back to your frac.

all those regionals are $hitbag operators that would sell you out in a second. Mkae sure you give them the same respect.
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Broke,,,you are giving out bad advice.

I agree with you that most companies will sell you out in a second. All we are is a simple commodity,,, a wrench, a hammer,, whatever. When it wears out or breaks you just buy another.
But, to tell someone NOT to honor their word is just plain bad advice. If you have no value in your word,,your honor,,, why should I ever trust you???? Ever!!

You lie to them, you lie to me, it never ends.

Sorry, Broke. I know you are finished with the routine. You have done your time. I respect that and commend you for all the years you served this industry.

But remember. The ONLY thing you take to the grave is your honor. Don't mess it up.


If I recall correctly this question was brought up at FLOPS about a year ago with guys being asked to resign their seniority at FLOPS for other jobs.

The way I understood it was, when you are furloughed they put you in a frozen state and your resignation would not be accepted until they are ready to recall you. You will then be asked at that time if you still want to resign. Until then you can resign and withdraw the resignation anytime.

I don't know if this is at all Fracs or just at FLOPS or if I understood the procedure correctly.

Call your union MEC and ask them, they should have that info.
Me too. If they don't want people to leave ... raise the pay. " Make an offer you don't refuse..."

Absolutely no arguement on the pay. We all need to know our worth.

My point is the fact that we should never give an outright lie.

If they ask you to sign a letter of resignation, either you do, or you don't.

But don't compromise your ethics. Ever. Never ever.

Just because they are liers, cheats and thieves, you don't need to join them.

The gospel according to Hung.
That concludes today's lesson.

But I truly mean it.


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