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Red Arrow Days ASA

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Well-known member
Aug 16, 2005
Could someone please enlighten me on why the flying F*CK the entire month is littered with all these red pieces of SH*T!? (700 FO) I can't do anything!!! What is the point of having the option to swap with all this BS?????? :angryfire

:uzi: <-:smash: F that red arrow up!!!!!
Red arrow days are Brad's, Scott's, and Charlie's personal way of thanking each and every one of us for continuing to carry out there dysfunctional plan of attempting to see if a management team can get a pilot group to operate an understaffed airline indefinitely.
Supposedly more reserves this month but I'm "0" for "5" so far attempting to swap 4 days for three days. Yeah I have the vision!

Sorry all... Only about 100 or so CA's on reserve this month in ATL. Past 4 days there are only about 15 people on the reserve list and all of them are "0" day.

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