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Recalls in May for CoEx/Express Jet??

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I.P. Freley

I like people food
Dec 26, 2001
So a friend of mine has been on furlough from CoEx since October and seems to think that they are going to start recalling in May. For his sake I hope he's right, but this seems more like wishful thinking to ME. Does anyone have any information, real or made-up, along these lines?
That was a rumor about a month ago... I too am waiting for the recall from XJT. Now the rumor is 4 qtr this year... For what its worth

Rumors are rumors and all, but what made anyone believe that they were going to recall as soon as next month? 4thQ I would believe... But I thought that they were still training furloughed mainline pilots. Why would they start recalling when the flowback hasn't even finished? Don't the flowbacks basically have to at least START being recalled before they recall their own?
The rumor was that CAL was going to recall, and as a result XJT employees would then be recalled. As far as trainning is concerned, they are still trainning the turbo prop pilots that are transitioning to the jet. Ive seen the trainning schedule and they looked to be booked until the end of Aug. hopefully after that they will start to recall... although I wont get my hopes up until I get a class date.
I believe the May rumor initially came about through use of some "fuzzy" math. Apparently, a COEX/XJT rep told someone at the Women in Aviation conference that they would be hiring outside pilots by March of '03. Some of the blindly optimistic folks waiting for recall took that to mean that all the furloughs would be recalled and finished with training by then. They then took some theoretical numbers regarding the capacity of the training department (I think they assumed they could only put out 50 pilots/month), they took the number of furloughed pilots, divided them by 50, and voila, you get the number of months before March that recalls should start. This is how they came up with May. In my humble opinion, this is a wildly inaccurate guess of when recalls should begin....based on a rumor. This is how these things get started. Be gentle with your friend though, while the rumor is pretty ridiculous, the blindly hopeful furloughee is a truly fragile thing.
Ahh Bluto (or shall I call you AFI), another forum to debate on. This is great. I'm with you here now as well. 3rd/4th quarter this year.

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