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Recall at AWAC

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Drill Sgt. Dad

Fugitive Recovery Agent
Aug 29, 2005
This is not flamebait, just heard this yesterday

What is this I hear about the MEC Chairman facing a recall vote at Air Wisconsin?
Does any Air Whiskey pilot know what is going on?
It seems three of the six MEC members want the current MEC chairman out and they have hand picked a successor. Two of the REPS are his buddies and a fourth REP, who can be the deciding vote in a recall, is not speaking either way. I understand it goes down tomorrow.
J and E's Daddy who responded before is the PHL FO REP, but he won't respond to any questions that are asked.

Obviously, you know who I am and I stated before, if you have anything to ask or discuss, you can call me. I will not respond over any message boards, email or text messages. You obviously have my contact info.

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