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question for 19 Mar SWA interview grp

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Apr 4, 2002
:confused: I have heard nothing from SWA and none of my contacts have been called. This is a very bad sign and I was wondering if any of you guys out there from the 19 Mar interview group had any of your contacts called or if you were asked to do the whiz quiz yet? I know, I know, the people department is very busy and patience is a virtue. :) Please God give me patience, and please do it NOW!
I feel your pain. I interviewed the first week of March and have had zero activity. No background check, drug test, nada! It's been a month and I truly feel it is just a waiting game until I get a letter. I also know 2 out of the 6 of us who interviewed have had activity. Both have types, I don't.

No activity

A bud of mine interviewed around then as well. He does not have the type but otherwise he has "Rock Star"-like qualities. None of his referances called. No whiz quiz. Nada.

I sure hope this universal lack of activity is more an indication of SWA waiting on the 1st quarter and not a harbringer of a letter in the mail:(

Good luck to all.

I interviewed on 4 Feb and didn't hear about any background check activity until mid March or so. I would say most of the folks in my group got feedback earlier, but sometimes it takes a while.

Relax - as best you can!
I talked to Linsey Lang on 4 Feb. She said there would be a board 24 April, with results out the following week.
There is a Decision Board to be held on April 24th. The April 10 Decision Board was cancled / merged with the 24th. I assume that is the last one for now.

I believe 1q results will be out on the 18th; we'll see what happens then.
waiting game

Iv'e got a bud who interviewed in the 12 march group and he has had activity on his references. He has his type and is a basic super star player.
Hang in there guys and gals

I know you are looking for any little hint that they are interested in you. They wouldn't interview you if they didn't think you were qualified. You have probably second guessed all of your interview responses and have thought of at least ten reasons they shouldn't hire you. None of my friends had a perfect interview.

It took a little more than three weeks for my references to be called. They probably won't call all of your references, don't let this freak you out; they just don't have time. You'll know something a week or two after the decision board. Hopefully it will be a phone call.

My advice, go on with your life. If you do get the call nothing is going to happen for several months anyway. If you get a letter, reapply when you can. Whatever happens, it's out of your control now.

Hope to see all of you on the line!
7-work days 'til the DB!

Am I toast if my contacts have not been called yet? It is only 7-work days before the decision board and I've had zero activity.

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