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Put Rank on resume?

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Only if you're applying for a job in the military, or a non-flying executive position. I would also leave off the OPR fodder. Most aviation departments are looking for ratings and PIC experience. They do not care if you organized the base airshow.

hehe you mean they don't want to hear how I masterfully orchestrated the snack bar? Yeah I left that crap off, did mention iraq tours and that kind of stuff tho
Rank on Resume

I thought about this overnight ... I didn't want to drop an inappropriate/incorrect blast on you that wasn't thought out.

I have been responsible for hiring a lot of pilots in my civilian career and served in the military.

I would not list rank in the headding of a resume. When a guy/gal addresses themself as "Lt. Col. John A. Doe, U.S.A.F. (Ret.)" you are telling the reader that first and foremost you are "Lt. Col., U.S.A.F. (Ret.)" and not "John A. Doe" an experienced and professional aviator. Your resume is going to get your "30 seconds of attention" from the prospective employer. It's not a job application, it's an advertisement. You need to advertise who you are and why you're good for the job you're seeking. While most employers value and respect military experience, they don't necessarily want to hire the negative traits some service members develop.

Just my thoughts ... from the civilian world ... only ment to help.

Also, thank you for your faithful service.

i would have to agree with tmach. it would probably wouldn't help your cause in the civvy world. i would put any jobs/duty that show distinction. the rank issue may come up in discourse at interview. :)
If I were doing the hiring the fact that you served in the military would be enough for me. Those of us that went civilian all the way respect the military people very much. And I would like to thank you for it!
Leave the rank off. Rumor has it that companies are not to hire or not hire based on race, religion, sex and age. That is a rumor I have heard. The reality is that I am sure some of that comes into play, but we will not head down that road. If you put your rank, 8 out of 10 times they can tell your age, ballpark. For example if they had trouble with people in there 20s, you may vote your self off the island when they figure your age based on rank. Let your experience carry you through. Plus your name is John Doe not LT John Doe. I hope that all made sense. PM if you have specific questions on the airline stuff if you are going that route.
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When I write resumes for transitioning military personnel (pilots and others), I do not put the rank on their resume. For the most part, HR personnel have no idea what your rank is, as many have never served in the military.

As for organizing an event, such as an airshow, I do put that type of experience on the resume. If it is valuable experience, different from your regular duties, it shows initiative, management skills, and going "above and beyond."

Employers do like to see this information, and I consistently include it. The reason? You need to show what makes you different than the hundreds, if not thousands, of people you are competing against for the same position.

I also prep people for interviews, and sometimes these extra duties can make for good "tell me about a time when" stories. It can also make for good "talking points" when the HR person has nothing else to ask you.

Good luck in your transition!

When applying for SOME PILOT jobs, being a higher ranking guy (O-5+) can actually work to your disadvantage. It is one thing if they like what your resume says, and THEN they find out you were a COL. Typically a lot of places will instantly get a feel from your resume that states you are COL so and so, that you feel you are pretty full of yourself.

The problem comes in when they ask themselves, is this guy going to be able to function as "Just" a pilot, or will he want to come in here and try to run things, and say "When I was in the Military....."

I have a Ret COL friend who has run into this a few times.

With all that in mind, you have to tailor your Resumes to your target audience, and have a few different ones to use on each ie. Pilot resume, Managment Resume, Combo, and Company specific.
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