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Preferred Routing in the Northeast

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Nov 26, 2001
Have spent some time over the last week flying out of small airports in the Northeast ( ME, MA, NJ, MD, NY) and had trouble getting anything other than full route clearances. The airports had no published (Jepps) preferred routing, so just used the airways that made sense (to me, anyway).

I can't imagine I am the only one (I pray I haven't missed something obvious...) that has experienced this. Is there a source for good info on routes into smaller airports, or is it just a fact of life to have to reprogram everything on the way to the runway?
If you can, pick up the clearance a half hour or so before departure so you can program it while shut down and not heads down during taxi. Either that or don't taxi until you're programmed.
I fly the following BUF- POU- HPN- TEB- CLE (just to name a few) routes quite often every month and guess what??- yep you guessed it - "full route" clearance each and every time. This is very busy airspace in this part of the country so filing "direct" is going to do nothing good for you in fact if anything probably will delay you while clearance works with center to get you a "full route".....

I am sure you are not the only one- with practice and practice you will know the routes like the back of your hand and you will anticipate what to expect each and every time! ! ! - Start with the ID's.......- ! ! !


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While on with NY Center advise them that your "aircraft is short cut equiped today" which will usually save you a few minutes as well as filing "short cut welcomed" in remark section of flight plan may also work for you......
Welcome to the Northeast


All I can is that is the way it is. As far as getting your clearance early: That is a good idea, however, don't be suprised if you get a rerouting before takeoff. Happens from time to time. My personal record is three re-routes BEFORE departure at KIAD. As far as your flight planning goes: Pick a route that makes sense(this makes the controllers happy), but don't expect to get it. Those of us that fly IFR in the Northeast feel your pain.:D
Thanks for the advice, clearance before crank up and short cuts welcome.

Though I don't like it, as I am sure no pilot does, I am glad to hear that I wasn't missing some jewel publication...
Oh Yeah, one last thing: Anybody know a good place to get some grits up there when I am on the road?
I fly the Northeast a lot also. I usually get very few reroutes. If you look in the AFD for a preferred route that goes by your airport, pick a spot that you can join it. Think of the routes as a highway between two large cities. Just because there is no entrance ramp doesn't mean that you can't get on it with your off road vehichle. Good luck. With a little practice you'll figure it out. This should lower the number of reroutes you get. Take care.
Here's a start, Bart. Even after you file the preferred route, this will help you to get around.

Get out your 47-48 low chart, and go to the NY area inset on the far right of the 48 side. Study the intersections, BREZY, COATE, or any of the other intersections you recall from your experience. Trust me, if you were told to fly "direct COATE" once, it WILL happen again. Get to know the VORS that are part of the SIDS into the area, like Delancy, Broadway, and Stillwater, and others, such as Sparta. Get to know the George Washington Bridge. When you are going into Teterboro, you may be given "overhead left traffic for one nine" and the GW will be at your right front as you turn from downwind to base for 19 TEB.

Other landmarks you might want are the "Tappan Zee" bridge, north of the GW, and a tower near the Tappan Zee, whose name escapes me right now (only two cups of cofee so far...).

Aerial "tourist" photos can help, and road maps can show the highways you will get to know for some of the "visual" routes you will sometimes fly.

Controllers will rattle off their directives, making references to many fixes and headings which are used every day. As I did, you'll get used to them, and the expectation of those words will make them clear. When handed off to NY approach by Center, you may want to admit you are unfamiliar with this airspace, and his voice MAY slow down from 200 kts to 150.

Good luck. Oh, and watch out for the ABC TV tower north of TEB.
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NE Reroutes

Hey Bart,
Just a suggestion, Have you tried filing through DUATS? Most of the time the routing (autorouting) is what the ARTCC considers preferred. It's very common to not only get full route clearances in the NE but, multiple squak changes, and reroutes while enroute "NXXX I have a change to your clearance when ready to copy". Another option would be to call FSS and have a chat with them or have them patch you into ARTCC. I've found these folks to be helpful.

Hope this helps, as previously posted we all feel your pain. :D

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