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Polar Air Cargo close to an AGREEMENT

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TonyC said:
Ahhh, now I follow you. I thought you were talking about my screen name.

Do you remember when desktop computers were wider than they were tall, and they had a Turbo button on the front? Apparently I turned my "computer" on sans the turbo, so you'll forgive me for being a little slow. :)


Ahh yes, the old "Turbo" button. If memory serves, mine was 10 mhz without the turbo, and went up to a blistering 20 mhz, with it on!!

The first machine with a hard drive I owned had an "impossible to fill" 40 meg hard drive!

O.K. done with the thread hijack...feel free to continue bickering! :)
Any details on the TA that went through? I keep hearing rumors that it is just as bad as the one set down before the strike and that nothing was gained... Hopefully thats not true...
TonyC said:
The hiring ban is no longer in effect. It was Cathay following the firing of 51 pilots. Unable to strike, they conducted an industrial action, effectively working "to rule."
Of course, there was apparently no ban on upgrading, an opportunity to which quite a few took a liking.
mar said:
Reply to Kerosense Snorter:

It's quite magnanimous of you to have such an understanding attitude.

But. Have you been working this last week? Are you even on-line yet?

Specifically, have you experienced the absurdity of being instructed to honor the picket line, on the one hand, and on the other, fly the schedule?

Have you done the little run around at JFK? At ANC?

Have you had picketers pound on the crew van?
Video tape you going to work?
Been added to a "List"?
Been "counseled" by another airline's ALPA rep in your hotel room?
Been escorted by security guards through the basement of your hotel?

Have you been made to feel like a scab when you were never given the privilege of taking a strike vote (and certainly performed no one else' job but your own) but instead had someone else's fight shoved down your throat on THEIR terms????

If you think I sound angry you should talk to some of our other pilots.

Wow Mar. Im sorry to hear this. Was it really that bad? I can't believe how a few Polar pilots can be so narrow minded.

Forget the past.

Flyingdutchman said:

Flyingdutchman, Thanks for the good luck wish, it's all behind us now.

Dizel8, please don't encourage him. The Cathay pilots have moved on and so have I.

Some people wallow in the past. It's gross.

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