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PNCL in USA today

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Crash Pad

Well-known member
Jun 10, 2005
Pinacle airlines was advertising for pilots in the USA today! Does this mean the pilot shortage is now upon us and management will have to stop making this job suck in order to intice people to this career?
Nope, especially not when regionals can still get pilots with 600 hrs for 18/hr...I dont have Pinnacle's pay rates memorized, but they are not much higher.
I saw that article in the breakroom at Headquarters today.

They're training pay is ok now. $200.00/wk plus they pay for your hotel.
It's better than nothing.
Hey Viper548, why don't you eat $hit...
Why are you giving 410Dude a hard time? Just because you have issues, we don't need to hear it...D!ck...

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