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Places to fly-in and eat in FL

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Giggity giggity goo!!!
Oct 20, 2004
my girlfriend is coming down in a week to visit and i wanted to be able to take her to some restaurants/other places on or near the airport when she gets here. any ideas? i know that lakeland,fl has a nice restaurant right on the field, but what are other ideas? things to do besides eat are also welcome. thanks!
I don't know if I spell it right but you need to go to Naples , michelobobs, best ribbs in the world, you need to go there, you are goiong to enjoy that one, and you will thank me for it!!!
Add "The Outer Marker Cafe" in Titusville/Space Coast Regional to the list. You can taxi right up the front door and sit in the screened-in porch by the taxiway and watch (and hear) all the planes while sipping on awesome milkshakes... Makes me crave it just thinking about it!
thanks, guys and gals, keep 'em coming!!

and gkrangers, you're my new hero. check your PM's
CJs at VRB nice, good dinners, have only been there for dinner. Park next to fence beside airport, you can get the xtry time logged (not sure of operating hours).

Outer Marker at TIX is good, soup is always wonderful. Yes, you can watch all of the planes from the screened in porch. Best time to go is on a Saturday morning, when all of the experimentals and groups fly in, if it is VFR. You can watch them come in groups of three or four at a time, landing and taking off together (Open from 8am to 3 pm or 4 pm depending on the day). Besides, nicest Tower in Florida!

River Ranch 2RR is a nice place to go with the girlfriend. Can be very romantic. You land, then rent a golf buggie for $5 and can drive all day long. There is a restraunt overlooking the river, also a free petting zoo (all kinds of animals, best in the spring when there are baby animals) a rodeo, shops, hotel, basically a ranch resort place. Very peaceful. Be careful around there, stay east of the airport, I do not have charts in front of me - yet they is one north/south oriented runway and the traffic patterns keep you east as there is an MOA or Resticted area to the west. No taxi-way so have to back taxi if you land to the north. Never had a problem there. Weekends have a breakfast buffet, lunch is also good. Never been there for dinner (check open times for the restraunt).

VNC is nice, you can grab a taxi or walk to the beach.

OBE - Okechobee has a restaurant, have never been there yet have heard good recommendations.

CDK - Cedar Key is great just for the experience. Just make sure you do not taxi on the road located next to the runway, or else you may want to taxi on the road just to have the "good story" to tell.

Just make sure you find out the operating hours and if the places are open when you plan on visiting. Also, it might behoove you to consider going to one of the places that will allow you to log Xctry PIC since you are working on your instrument rating.
Have you thought about going to SC, NC, GA, LA, TN or AL? You might be able to combine this on your long IFR cross-country and have her accompany you and your instructor.
Doesn't LNA (Lantana) have food on the field or across the street? Anyways LNA is just south of PBI so its a good hike from the DAB area. If your school lets you land on grass you can go to Pierson over there by lake george and park the plane there are like 1 or 2 places to eat if you walk down the road. Plus you get to land on grass which is always fun. I can't beleive its been 3 years since I left the FL area so much has been forgotten. The food is good at Flaggler and the gate between the tables and the ramp has the most awesome sign ever with some dude gettin hit in the head with a prop and is says "beware of props" Can't really think of much more. If you have your chick down there I would do an overnight trip down to Key West and rent a moped. Its like 30 bucks for 24 hours. Key West is filled with places to eat and drink (Duval St) and what chick wouldn't like Key West. I think St Augustine has food on the field. I heard the have a tower now too. Which sucks casue they had the abandoned tower there and I would mess with my students and be like uh did you talk to tower.... Have fun thats pretty much all I can think of right now if I think of more I'll post em.

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