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Pilot Raises @ SWA....

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Keep in context who wrote that letter. The BOD final vote is in and it is rejected by a handy majority now that the details have come to light. There isnt much argument here over wether the raise is lousy or not, just wether or not we want to tackle the issues right now or in a possibly better environment in 04'.
Thanks for your point of view... being soaking wet it is hard to read anything without the ink running.

Of course the source is taken into account, jsut food for thought & an opportunity to get dialog going.... thanks for being willing to comment!!!:)
Tredding (and all other SWA poolies and future poolies):

There are a lot of SWA pilots currently trying very hard to secure average major airline wages for YOU. It is an uphill battle, and emotions sometimes will spill overboard. Be forewarned that there is an equally large number of SWA pilots who will sell you (i.e., new guys) down the river to ensure their stock portfolio maintains its value. You will understand better when you are on the property for awhile.

And trust me--you WILL be on the property. Maybe not as soon as you wanted/expected, but you are firmly part of SWA's strategic plan. This plan will happen regardless of the outcome of the pilot contract extension vote, the mechanics' contract vote, and the flight attendants' contract vote.
What I meant is exactly what Rob is saying above. When I got to SWA I didnt squawk and complain about the pay, because I knew what it was when I signed on. I did however vow that a sub-par contract would never earn my vote. SWA has many pilot owners who will vote whichever way Jim Parker tells them to, and many 55+ guys who are going to do whatever is best for them(YES VOTE), and then there are the rest of us who will not get the golden egg, because it doesnt allow for it in the contract. What I am referring to is low hard pay, and limited options with a strike price that will not provide the investment opportunity enjoyed by the more senior pilots. Some of the non golden ring bearing pilots will vote yes on this, and the only way I see my view differing from theirs is the gamble factor. Is the environment now better to negotiate in than 04'? I think not. Some think so. I just cant see making a 10 year mistake a twelve year disaster for less than industry average pay and benefits. Either way, I will live with the final vote. But if this thing passes, SWAPA will need to run one heck of a UNIFICATION campaign to make sure this kind of offer is the last sub-IAP offer this group recieves.

Only a sucker pays sticker for a new car, let alone paying better than Kelley blue book for a used and abused one.
Thanks Rob & Rodeo...

You guys will be thanked in person someday, but for now this is the only access I have to you!

This is exactly what I had hoped for when I started this thread...

The last thing I personally want to see is any "agreement" signed & done BEFORE us Poolies show up on property that is so unbearable that it will have a negative impact on our futures for years to come.

Sure, there are those who are MORE than willing to sell us down the river in order to take care of themselves today. (Heck, it happened 8 years ago in some respects, right?) But my (our) fate is in your hands... I HOPE that somewhere in my 4000+ future peers (who I can't wait to fly with) there are enough people who are willing to stay focused on the BIG picture and make life wonderful for us all!!!

I agree, regardless of the outcome of the current labor contracts, we WILL be brought on board. WHen is TBA, but I am still feeling quite pleased with the fact that I am "tredding" is some pretty fine water & in the company of some outstanding swimmers. :) ;) :D

Thanks again Rob & Rodeo for coming down to the edge of the water every now and then to keep us informed. Taking time to educate us on some of what's going on "inside" is also greatly appreciated. We can't WAIT to be on the dry-side of things at SWA.... waiting (or wading as it may be...) is just not much fun, but it sure beats some of the alternatives!!!!!

Have a great day everyone - Regards, Tredding:p
Hey guys, the word is one more class this year (possibly) if the contract passes. If not, maybe none. This is from a Chief Pilot at a training event within the last 24 hours. I think that we are netting 5 airplanes next year with the -200 retirements and the new -700s coming in. The last of the desert parked airplanes is scheduled to be brought online by September. Cautious growth is the word of the day, and the "We are not out of the woods" attitude will keep us from falling into the black water that is drowning our competitors. I would say that if you are tredding, you are in for a bright future, because this management team is top notch and is looking for ways to keep this thing on track. Keep your chins above water and your fingers crossed. It may be a while, but its worth the wait. I hope you get here soon so those upgrades keep rolling.
Is there a link to the new rates after the 20% raise?
To SWA Poolies

Rob B. stated the following:

>There are a lot of SWA pilots currently trying very hard to secure average major airline wages for YOU. It is an uphill battle, and emotions sometimes will spill overboard. Be forewarned that there is an equally large number of SWA pilots who will sell you (i.e., new guys) down the river to ensure their stock portfolio maintains its value. You will understand better when you are on the property for awhile.

I have the utmost respect for RB & what he has done for many poolies here & folks in SWA. He provides a great service. For that reason I'm reluctant to make the following commentary on his comments above. I'm sure there will be rebuttal to my comments but for those who know me & who have read my posts I would like my statements to be on equal footing to what Rob has posted.

IMHO Rob is implying from the first sentence that there is one group (the no voters) who are more interested in helping future hires (you) than others (the yes voters). I wasn't sure if that was the case (& if I'm wrong RB pls correct my perception & if so my apologies in advance) until I read his 3rd sentence. I STRONGLY DISAGREE with this characterization & would say RB has done you a disservice (again I'm reluctant to say this publicly) in trying to divide the poolies into different "camps" before you're even on the property.

I voted for the extension & I will be happy to go into further detail on why if folks wish to PM me. Debating here is possible but doesn't serve the intent of this web site IMHO. I haven't questioned Rob's vote (regardless of how he voted) nor anyone else's. It is up to each person to vote on it for whatever reasons they choose. I just wanted folks to vote, YES or NO.

By voting for it I to feel I have done what I believe is in the best interest of future hires. Rob's assumption that a "yes" vote is against your interest would indicate my desires are 180 out from what I've just stated. I reject that completely.

I'm sure if Rob voted "no" one of his reasons did deal with what would be in the best interest of future hires. I don't question his intentions and I would expect the same courtesy toward my intentions or others who voted yes.

One can intellectually debate the merits of which route would be best but to characterize one group of voters as having "more" concern for new hires than the other with the mere casting of a ballot I feel is an inaccurate characterization.

I would argue there are an equal number (small I believe) of pilots who voted yes & no who don't care a flip about the growth (new hires) of the company but simply wish to take as much from the golden goose as they can & run with it. They are in any airline, SWA is no different.

RB & I may disagree on this issue but we are both in agreement when it comes to the future of SWA & your chances to be at SWA sooner rather than later. RB provides a great service to the aviation industry but as I said there is certainly more than one opinion on the matter of what a "yes" or "no" vote represents in the most recent election.

Again my apologies in advance Rob if I have mischaracterized any of your statements.

To those in the pool, hope to see you in DAL soon.

cheers & God Bless

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