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Pilatus Pay?

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Well-known member
Apr 3, 2005
Pilatus Pay?
What would a Captain/PIC of a fractionally owned Pilatus PC-12 expect to make flying 300 hours a year, based in the New York City Metro area. What is a competetive salary, any Benefits, cell phone? etc... Any info from PC-12 drivers or others is welcomed
PC12Cowboy said:
50 k is CHEAP...ANYWHERE!!!!!!65k 75k is they value your professionalism

:confused: Where are you seeing these kinds of numbers, especially in the FRAX world? I can see 60+ for a private non-pilot owner (ie no schedule), but otherwise, I think those figures are a little high. IMHO

By you avitar, if you are currently looking for a job @ 1400 hours flying the PC12 for $65k, you are certifiable...and overstating your value.

I don't believe there is a single pilot airplane (limited to 'Captain' duties) salary in the latest Salary Survey(s) making more than $50k. You have got to take on more management and increased responsibilities to break the mid century mark.

PC12Cowboy said:
Geronimo...Hmmm...then you obviously need a pay raise, IMHO...lol

All of us in this industry NEED a pay raise, but as to whether or not we all GET one..............:rolleyes:
For what it's worth, I made 48K when I flew PC-12's (single pilot). This was a 135 gig in Alaska, so I'm not sure what the fractional guys make. However, many of the other PC-12 folks I spoke with make more that I did.
I keep hearing 40K plus, and this company wants to pay me or whomever is desperate enough 18K a year to fly this Pilatus. I may have to politely decline for anything under 40K. A pilot needs to make a stand at some point and demand what the experience and ratings call for. I believe this is a good place to start. Thanks for the replies.

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