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Piedmont Class Date

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Big hairy guy
Jul 14, 2005
Did anybody else get the October 10th class date? If so, let me know and maybe we can help each other study the training CDs when they come in the mail. If anyone has recently gone through training there, I'd appreciate any tips on what to study, etc. Thanks!
Try to memorize the limitations for all three models. You will have a 3 tests during ground school. First one is a Flight Ops Manual test, second is the limitations test, and third is the systems test. 80% needed to pass on each. Most seem to think the limitations test is the hardest simply becuse you have to know all three models. So, I would recommend studying that while at home since the instructors can't really teach limitations anyway; it's something you just have to memorize. The FOM and systems test are similar to your take home tests included with the CD ROM. The instructors will also tell you what's important during class when they review each system. Buy the time you've finished systems, you'll have a good majority of the questions. So, knowing most limitations before class starts will put you ahead of the game. Congrats and good luck.
I'd start learning the flows and memory items also. He's dead on about the limitations. Know the speeds, weights, and engine stuff down cold. You'll see all of those again on the limitations test. That'll come first day of systems.

As far as the memory items and flows, you won't need them until you start 2 on 1, but getting ahead while you're sitting at home now won't hurt. Just spend the majority of your study time on the limitations.

If you can regurgitate the answers on the take home test, you'll pass the one in class.

Good luck, and welcome aboard.
I think the biggest piece of advice I can give you is to take 1 thing at a time. As you look at it now you are probably thinking "wow, all this stuff in 4 weeks!??!?" But, the limitations was the easiest to me because you have all the answers before you even take the test. Section 6 from the FOM - that's it. Learn the tables, it's not that bad. But like they said, first test is FOM - a good study guide for that test is the takehome test from the CD - if you know those answers cold -you got a 90 already. Next is limitations... as previously stated. Next test is Systems, again know the takehome test and you already have a 90.... they are very very similiar. After that it's sim time. Time to learn the flows. I don't know, everybody has his/her own way of studying, I just find that was the best way to do it. I live right down the road from the hotel you all are staying at so if you need anything, just PM me - I'll try to help. Good luck.I just got done yesterday with all of the training. It took our class 28 days (lol only 3 of us though)
PA31Ho...get your stuff straight...the limitations are in Section 3 of the POH, and the procedures, checklists, and flows are found in Section 6. Anyways, if you have all of Sect. 3 of the POH memorized except for the sections on the TCAS, KNS 660, and the UNS-B, you'll be fine. It may sound like a lot, but just make up some notecards it'll take you maybe a few days to a week to have it memorized. If after all that you have time to look over the F.O.M. and systems, do that. Also, when you get into the sim, a good thing to review in addition to the flows is to watch the emergency videos on the CD. Although they aren't very clear on the screen, they will give you a good idea of what to expect. If you know anyone that works at the company, they can be of real help once you get to the systems and some of the other stuff in class. Good luck, see you on the line!
Know the limitations section cold, and you will think the test is easy. In my class there were two schools of thought on the test, first was that it was not hard, and those who thought it was hard. Those who thought it was hard were the guys the weekend before it that "were not worried about it" The guys that thought it was easy were the guys that spent the weekend going over that limits section. Study during the day, and get the van driver to take you downtown to let off some steam at night. We all thought the systems test was WAY harder. We all knew the notes in class, plus the systems manual and it still sucked. Just know it all and you will be fine. When its all over with venture down to the gentlemans club down the street and have a good time!
Yep. They called me today and offered me the Oct 10 class, but I had to temporarily decline for personal reasons and keep swimming. I plan on studying for a future class, so if by coincidence anyone lives in the twin cities it would be fun studying.
Thanks everyone for the advice! I'll get cracking on those things and hopefully I'll see you all soon.

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