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Pay cuts for Bridgeway employees

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Well-known member
Nov 19, 2004
I recommend and support a pay cut for schedulers, dispatchers and owner service employess at NJA.

It has been brought to my attention that NJA is incapable of paying even industry average salaries for pilots. Due to this recent revelation I suggest these other groups take a pay cut.
Since they hardly earn the salaries they are currently paid and are grossly inefficient and incompetent AND NetJets is in such financial troubles it is only fair this initiative take flight.

Thanks for your support.
And you wonder why no one can take you seriously...

BTW, I just got a 3% raise this week.

Thanks for your support
It is time for ALL to dig deep! How about it boys? Put your money where your mouth is?!
You mean put our money where YOUR mouth is? no thanks. Enjoying union-free living. How's teamster life working out for you?
Dsptchr seems to have a lot of free time to lurk the aviation boards....How could he improve his productivity at work? hmmm I know how about giving him a pay raise? LOL
How's teamster life working out for you?

A lot better than it was this time last year. Amazing what true LEADERSHIP does for you.

Sorry I can't say the same for this management team.
The reality is dsptchrNJA and those like him cannot go anywhere else. NJA is it and the most he/she can achieve.

NJA's reputation for retaining and attracting employees has spoken and the industry is listening. Low wages, high turnover, inconsistent management, misguided focus and extrememly large egos, etc.
People do not want to join an organization with all these problems.

As a pilot the requirements are too high use NJA as a time builder anymore and the amount of retired airline folks coming over is slowing because reality has set in and the truth is out hence empty classes and low acceptance rates.

NJA used to be a great place work. The promise of good things to come kept people working very hard and doing their very best. Today, as those promises have turned to lies, people just don't care.

Boisture recently said, contrary to his past comments of the company not having enough money to pay for raises, that NJA has plenty of money to outlast the union. Boisture and Santulli have turned these negotiations personal.

Im not sure if NJA will fold but it will never return to the premier fractional it once was. Citation Shares is learning from all of NJA managements mistakes. Their retention rate for owners is very good as others continue to slip. The sole reason NJA attracts the amount of attention it does is due to the BK backing only.

We are witnessing the collapse of a once great company.

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