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Part 135 First Officer Interns Wanted

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Well-known member
Apr 11, 2005
This could get ugly. Where's the popcorn?
I think I'm starting to hate aviation.

Go to college, get a degree in computer science and you'll never have to deal with such ******************************baggery.
I am speechless.....Wow! cant imagine there will be many takers. Hopefully people arent that stupid or desperate to pay to sit and work for a company. Places like that I love to see go out of bussiness. Sounds like to me thats not far away.
I love the use of the term "intern"

What? No training fee?
This is the kind of person when they walk by you grab your wallet with one hand and cover your most private orifice with the other. Just reading the post makes me want to take a bath for a week.

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