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Once a Air Force Fighter Pilot=Never Cool Again

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Well-known member
Dec 8, 2005
Wtf do they do to them? All social skills destroyed?
The worst is a blue ring of death. Hi, I'm from the Springs. I am so smart, but I don't know anything about anything. Sexual harrassment, me and my college buddies never worried about it, ha ha, wink wink.

I also find it interesting how few academy grads get fighters. Whats up with that? Even if you don't see the blue ring you can still pick them out of a crowd after a few minutes.
I agree with you there. The worst I've flown with though was a former KC-10 driver, or any ex-marine.

Gotta defend the one devil-dog aviator I flew with at my old company. Was one of the best captains I ever flew with. I actually found out he was a Marine aviator by asking him instead of vice-versa. Cool cat.

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