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Oh, you gotta see this...

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New Bus driver
Nov 26, 2001
Alright, i know it's just wrong, but i just had to keep this going!!! Everyone needs to look at the thread in the general section titled "Holy line of thunderstorms...", sorry i don't know how to do the link. Ahhh, this is so great, you need to watch me keep these guys going, it is so much fun, they are all trying to "school" me on how things are suppossed to be, but the joke is on them. I am purposely trying to get em all fired up, it is just too much fun...most of the stuff i am putting in there is pretty bogus, but then again some is truth. You will just have to pick out the fun and the real for yourself.

For those of you on here that know me, you can definately see it happening, but for those of you who do not, it might take a little while to truly understand my humor. I do love having fun with people...life is too short to not have fun...:laugh: :laugh: :nuts:
Oh man it's pretty fun...

The commercials are at www.frontierairlines.com then go to public relations (i think) then it should be under the "whole different animal" section, just click on commercials and it will give you a few...i think right now the ones they have are of Jack, getting his go over by the MX people...pretty dang funny...and then there are the two with the penguins promoting the frequent flyer program...those are great too....oh man, now i need to go watch them...solo...yeah, so low we can't hear ya....oh jees, that's freekin' hilarious!!!
Starchkr, I've a pretty good sense of humor, but I missed the joke in your first post in that thread - I guess you'd have to have been there.

Keep stoking the fires though, open up a few jobs for the rest of us :)
I don't think most of us plan on being freight dogs for our entire careers, and one of the barriers that we all face when we move on is being interviewed by a guy who never flew freight and thinks that we're all cowboys who have no regard for the regs or safety. Those who have flown freight understand, those who haven't never will, but I don't see how tormenting the guys who don't get it and reenforcing our "cowboy" image is going to help us move on down the road. I don't want to be sitting in a corporate chief pilot's office for an interview someday and hear him say "well, we don't really like to hire ex-freight types because they don't fit in here."

I know that there are things that we do, day to day as freight dogs that are well within the bounds of safety and aircraft limitations that corporate and 121 crews don't do because it simply wouldn't be comfortable for their pax or wouldn't fit in with ATC's plans, but if they've never done it, it's outside of their paradigm of safe flying and regardless of how safe and normal it is to us, the wieners over on the other side of the clock are going to think that we're out of our minds. All I'm saying is that we shouldn't give them more reasons to continue thinking that because most of us are going to be trying to get them to hire us at some point.
NoPax...the whole thing was a ribbing, not just one part of it...it's a flame...although it is mostly true, i knew that since this topic has been beaten to death on this board that a little fun would not hurt too many of us. I say it is a mostly true story, because it was, but i knew just how others would react from the previous posts on stuff like this...so why not take a shot and have some fun. If you re-read all my posts you can usually find the little smilies after things that are intended to get people fired up, and then the addition of things in () also "usually" shows an intentional show of humor...however, it takes a little thought to sometimes get it...and apparently some do not get it at all, which is why i just had to keep em all fired up.

milehigh...it's those narrow minded guys that you really don't want to fly for anyway...the ones who will never listen to what you have to say or offer just because you flew freight in a previous job. They will be the same once you get the job as well. As a freight pilot i understand that eventually i will go somewhere else, and i will learn to fly a different way, their way, and i will be fine with that, it is what is expected of us...it is all part of the job. As far as sitting in there and he says"well, we really don't like to hire ex-freight types because they don't fit in here," well, their loss, there will be better jobs out there anyway.
I agree that I don't want to work for a narrow minded guy like that anway, but I don't want to make the road any harder on myself anway. It's definately their loss if they don't want to hire a former freight dog though, I'm based in Teterhole and the stupid things that i see corporate crews do every single day just makes me laugh at the assertion that because they're flying part 91 corporate that they're automatically perfect and safe pilots. What a joke. There are good pilots and bad pilots in every field in aviation. That being said, if I had to blindly pick a pilot from one aspect of aviation and i was trying to get the best stick and rudder pilot available, I'd take a freight pilot every time. The odds are just more in your favor.
milehigh6080 said:
That being said, if I had to blindly pick a pilot from one aspect of aviation and i was trying to get the best stick and rudder pilot available, I'd take a freight pilot every time.

I wouldn't - cause I might end up picking starchkr :smash:

Seriously though - unless your flying freight in heavy iron for UPS or FEDEX etc., it is an entry level job. I speak from experience. I instructed for 1800 hrs, picking and choosing which days to fly etc, then got a job flying freight. I'll probably get another job flying freight before I try for something different.

I could be wrong, but I bet starchkr (if you called yourself that where I come from it might get you beat up:eek:) hasn't passed an interview anywhere else other than AirNet - and I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that, as I am guilty also, but just making my 'entry level job point'.

Some are more lucky than others and get hired at a company that can transition you into flying freight in a jet and get paid enough to eat everyday.

[starchkr is that appropriate use of smilies and parentheses]
Last edited:
Well, Airnet was my first job...besides instructing...i came onboard with 500 hrs and have been having fun ever since. Yes it was my first true interview in the world of aviation. As far as passing other interviews, i have had three and have had three callbacks to start classes, while they were all regionals, they still count as interviews passed and class offers. Now i turned them all down for various reasons, the biggest being that i really could not take the pay cut at the time, and most recently because of the previous speculation of Delta filing BK not too long ago.

I've heard that about growing up in da hood...you get beat up for calling yourself lots of things...but i doubt a play on our callsign would cause the crack babbies to beat someone up.(Do i need to put in here that that was supposed to be a crack, ha no pun intended, at humor?):D

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