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Offer Me A Job In Madison,wi

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Active member
Dec 4, 2001

I have a little over 1200 TT, 350 multi, and loads of IFR experience from flying in Pacific NW over the past few years. I have like 30 hrs in a DC10 sim, a dozen in an A300 sim ( good connections, yes...but not good enough to land me a good interview...yet).I am college educated, conservative, thoughtful, assertive, quick learning, friendy pilot in need of a flying job in the midwest..

any one out there care to take a chance with a young pilot in need of a break?

I'd greatly appreciate any leads...and, thank you in advance.
Maybe you should start by being consistent. You said you have over 1200 TT, but your info on the left side says 900;)
haven't updated my profile

spiderman....I haven't updated my "official profile"..
But, 900 TT obsolete, outdated, expired, no longer relevant.
Careful saying that you have sim time in a DC-10 and an A-300. What kind of actual useful experience did you gain from sitting in a sim being spoon fed information. Now if you said that you went through a ground school accompanied by sim time that would probally be useful. Sim time without useful knowledge of the aircraft you are flying is really not that helpful. Otherwise I would have loads of 747 time crossing the Pacific thanks to Bill Gates.

By the way what part of the Pacific Northwest are you from. (Me being an Oregon boy)
more than just sitting


no, it wasn't just sitting in the Sim...all the time I've had has been one on one with a long time dc10 sim instructor..(family member)..the sim time has been logged as "intro to jet time" ...getting a feel for heavies...so, it's been more than just "sittin' there"..approaches have been shot, engines cut, learned about the flight director in the 10,handling characteristics, ("use more trim, use more trim", the instructor constantly repeated)...
so, nio I have not gone through a ground school, but the experience has been more valuable than sitting as a passenger in a 747....But, so you know, that time is not on my resume...However it is absorbed into my envelope of experience and i Do believe it has helped me as a pilot with not much time...

oh, the answer to your question is PDX....
With your time I would apply to Great Lakes, Airnet, ASA, Colgan, Pinnacle, and/or local 135 operators. Don't expect anyone to hand you a job, but persistance will pay off in this business. Use any and all connections you have to get some letter's of recommendation and your resume walked in. Good luck to you.

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