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off line jumpseating

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Well-known member
Nov 25, 2001
which airlines allow unlimited jumpseaters in the back.? Currently Delta and all Delta connection only allow one in the back.
Comair used to allow unlimiteds, but it stopped as of 911. I hope we can get it back soon. I think a Spirit guy told me they have it back now.

jetBlue is awesome about jumpseats. They allow as many jumpseaters as they have seats in the cabin. They're the same about F/A's jumpseating.
Vanguard allows us to fill all the empty seats in the back of the airplane with jump seaters. Unfortunately for off line jump seaters (but good for Vanguard), the empty sests have been somewhat rare lately. Still haven't left one behind myself, though. Come fly with us.
If you see a Miami Air airplane, 727 or 737, they take as many jumpseaters as have seats available also but not if it's a sports team or military charter. AirTran is also good about jumpseaters. Off line jumpseating in the cockpit is still a no-no though.
Air Tran also takes unlimited off line jumpseaters. As long as there is a seat, we're happy to have you along.
ATA also allows unlimited jumpseaters. When I was commuting between MDW-DFW, they were the ride, even for dispatchers!

Thanks ATA!
Northwest isn't unlimited, but now they can take 2 offline jumpseaters in the back AND the usual number of company pilots in the jumpseats (NW pilots can use FA and cockpit jumpseats).

If the flight isn't full, you stand a pretty good chance of getting on, b/c the NW crews will occupy the jumpseat and you get the seat in back.

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