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NWA parking the Avros

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They did just pull the avro newhires off the latest revision to the next vacancy, but they are still hiring into the CRJ.
CubanSmoker said:
I've been hearing that this entire trip. Do you have a link/quote from something they published?

It's true...jetflier told me so. ;)
Avro's are on the Ch 11 papers for return to the lessor, read we want to pay less for the A/C.
There is a string on this "So now what for Mesaba?" I paraphrase it for you. All avro's are bieng parked and we are firing all the avro FO's and CA's. Out of seniority order.
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jetflier said:
NWA has announced the parking of the Avros.

Any Mesaba pilots have any info to share?

Yeah, it's not bad though. At the same time they said all the Avros are being parked they said they are furloughing all NWA pilots, so we can fly your Airbus and Boeing birds.:rolleyes:

In other words, do your research before you make stupid statements.

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