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NWA Cargo (Delta) Scope? whoops.

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Those 100+ well paying widebody jobs aren't important to keep for pilots on your seniority list, they're only flying boxes.

Wouldn't want to be caught dead flying a freight hauler anyways, thats almost as bad as flying an RJ.... Its a slippery slope. When you keep giving, management is going to keep taking until theres nothing left. Sooner or later, that "that flying is beneath me" or "sure, I'll vote it away for a $3 raise" is going to catch up with EVERYONE on the seniority list. With things like this an the Aer Lingus / United deal, scope isn't just about outsourcing RJs anymore.
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Yeah I can't imagine how degrading it would be to have freighters and "small" jets on our seniority list. The horror...

I wonder what Moak with his cute little lisp will have to say about this one.
deleted everything i wrote...i'm so sick of logging onto here and reading the same ******************** over and over and over....it just never ends. how do i cancel this memebership. i'm going to stick my head in the sand and pretend blindly that Moak is going to protect us junior guys
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How is this any different than the JAL/NWA and Korean/NWA cargo codeshares they used to have? This just appears to extend the pax JV to cargo flying as well. There were never any NWA freighters over the Atlantic anyhow.
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Perhaps now is the time for your ENTIRE pilot group to storm the doors of the next MEC meeting!
Nothing changes unless EVERYONE does their part to change it. The MEC should be downright bombarded FACE to FACE and overthrown ASAP. Perhaps now would be a good time to let the NWA guys who actually seemed to not be working for MGT step in from here?
I think we are going to have to look at this one closely. BUT, we have NOT been flying cargo 742s over the ATLANTIC in years. Nope, the NWA 742s have been flying out of an ANC hub to Asia, almost exclusively. No flights to AMS (maybe MAC pax runs on the 2 pax 742s), nothing across the atlantic. If they started using them on our NRT slots thru ANC, I think that would throw up a huge red flag. If this is only across the Atlantic and nothing using our slots in NRT, then this may slip by. Face it, the cargo 742s have run their course, and there aren't a lot of other cargo planes out there except old DC10s and DC8s (both dumped by FedEx and UPS lately). We still need to watch this, though..... KLM owns Martinair Cargo (and the pax airline Martinair), along with their own 744F operation out of AMS. Air France has cargo 744s, and now cargo 777s. (the first to have new 777s solely for cargo use)

Bye Bye---General Lee
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This sets a dangerous precedent that an airline that once (and currently) has a strong all cargo division, employing well over 100 senority list pilots, is now creating an international joint venture to have its cargo flown by non-senority list, non-american pilots.

Even if it is not currently meant for ANC/NRT flying, in the future if Delta so chooses to run dedicated cargo flights through this portion of the world, do you think they will order and fly aircraft with senority list Delta pilots or add someone like Korean Air Cargo to the their cargo joint venture? I think I know the answer...

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