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NWA 747 nosegear collapse GUM

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Client 9
Nov 14, 2004
Airport closed with runway blocked... more details to come
More details:

318 souls on board... no serious injuries reported. Apparently nose came down hard and nosegear departed the airframe. Roads near airport were closed, now apparently open.

Aircraft is in front of terminal by about gate 9, blocking the runway6L and taxi to/from terminal.

6R is closed for construction.

Remains to be seen whether capacity exists to remove the aircraft... airbags? crane? Radio reports only one NWA mechanic remains on Guam due to coming strike.

Continental Micronesia operations likely to be significantly affected (understatement of the year).
flight number is 74
Best I could do... hard to get a good view and my camera doesn't have a good zoom.
HA! I was looking for a link and almost didnt' notice you'd changed your Avatar to the 747 pic.


Are they making any progress toward raising the nose? I would guess they'll use airbags to raise it initially.

Speaking of Avatar changes... Nooky... does she smoke that cigar?


Latest word is that the nosegear may have never been extended. A helicopter pilot reported that the tower ordered a go-around and the NW pilot said "unable to comply, it's too late"

Still don't know what's going to happen. But the rumor is that they're going to try to open 6R.

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