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NTSB/Big Brother wants to babysit you via the black box

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STMFD. Next, the company will review the tapes and file Rule 32 (basically at AA, it's a catch-all regulation to punish someone for saying anything that can possibly be construed as negative about a fellow employee) charges.

Exactly how will reviewing conversations AFTER the fact prevent cockpit distractions? If you want to remove distractions, QUIT VIOLATING THE CONTRACT! Quit intimidating people out of calling in sick. Quit shortcutting maintenance. Quit gutting the workrules and pay in the contracts so our QOL BECOMES a distraction.

I know it will happen so let me be the first to put it on the CVR: F#@K the NTSB!

That button does not erase it. Once pushed you still can go down about four layers on the recording.
I am sure the ATA will push for this, and because of that, it will be one of the few recommendations from the NTSB that gets approved.

That said, they need to realize that conversation also keeps pilots alert.
I have a lot of respect for the NTSB, and while I obviously disagree with the recommendation, let's remember that NTSB recommendations are rarely turned into policy. Also it should be important to note that they keep using Buffalo as an example and making people believe that chit chat a factor in the crash. I don't care how much you talk, if you're instinct is to pull back on the stick during a stall condition, defying logic, reason, the stick pusher, and any training you've ever recieved, being silent wouldn't have changed a thing.
I see a new future in crewmember sign language instruction.
I see a new future in crewmember sign language instruction.

That course shouldn't take long. "Make a fist. Extend middle finger. Wave toward CVR. Repeat." End of instruction.
Sumwalt has definitely forgotten that he once was an airline pilot and Union Safety guy....

Now he's just another Bush-appointed empty suit who thinks he's the upper crust....
I don't know what the fuss is all about. I am convinced that companies pull CVR tapes to listen to certain pilots (black sheep, higher union ups). As far as I know there's no law preventing management to do this. The regs only state that the FAA cannot use it against you, but there's no mention what the company can or cannot do with your recorded statement of "Fu(& *****" .

Be careful, big brother might be listening more than you think, especially with the digital CVRs which can playback farther back than you wish for!

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