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NJA Uniform Change

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ZERT Wilson CQB User
May 6, 2005
So. As of November, leather jackets are approved as outerwear option at Netjets. Sounds like time for a poll:

Yea or Nay?

For me, resounding YEA.

Looking forward to the new tie as well.
What will the jackets look like after a year of use and abuse? Will they hold up well? I have had a few leather jackets and after 2 years they look beat-up. Personally, I think a pilot uniform looks better and puts out a better image.

What do they owners think of them? If they said they like them, then I say go for it. Their opinion is what really counts. I'm surprised the company is allowing it. Anyone have a photo of one?

P.S. I wonder what the company will negotiate in return for letting you guys wear them! Ha ha no free lunch!
Leather jackets are great, as long as they don't look like bomber jackets and dont have epaulets.

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