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Nice job JB292

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I think those guys get an automatic PASS on their PC checks for the rest of their careers. dang, I know guys that cant stay on the centerline in no wind.

Nice job and Thank God.
Awesome! Those are truly professional pilots.
Are you kidding me

FreightNazi said:
I heard on TV that the crew did an autolanding, that's why it looked so good.

Have you ever done an autolanding Mr 727/747 man??? From your questons I doubt you would have asked that question if you drive that kind of equipment.

Auto landings are quite smooth but firm, the nose is on the deck with little wasted time as the spoilers and reveres are already being deployed once the mains are planted the the squat switchs are triggered....I have been on several flt decks during this procedure observing...it is really quite cool...

By the way...Big time cudo's to the crew for a great job...

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