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New UK ETS fee's

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Well-known member
Sep 20, 2002
All prices in pounds except where stated:

750 - Initial application fee
1,120 - Initial application fee starting 2013
115 - price per hour to work with a consultant
430 - price to alter your plan (whether you do it or they do it on their own)
2,250 - price per YEAR to maintain your plan (up to 50,000 tonnes of co2)
3,320 - price per year to maintain your plan (50k - 500k tonnes)
1,000 - fine for false or misleading information

Filing late, failure to monitor your program or comply with the "most significant parts of the plan"
500 pounds plus 50 pounds a day up to 4,500
After 1/1/12:
1,500 pounds plus 150 pounds a day up to 13,500 pounds.

The way I understand it the following is for all EU countries not just the UK
100 euro fine for each tonne of CO2 not reported. If you don't pay your fine, administration fee's or annual program maintenance fee's, they have the right to detain your aircraft.

Here's the kicker:
"Regulation 43 (2)(b) states that where an aircraft has been detained and the operating ban has not been lifted within 56 days of the date when the detention begins, and the operator has not paid the regulator expenses, the regulator may apply to the court for leave to sell the aircraft"
Oh it wont be long until there is one here also.....shortly after we get a VAT.

G4G5 - those fees are crazy, should have gone with France.

Vive la France!

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