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new seat design for the future

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-commuters are gonna love this
-great now my nut sack will be numb after a dead head

What?! It isn't already? Mine's pretty much is numb every time I hit the first overnight. Getting kicked in the jimmy all day long kinda has that effect on those of us who are not Chuck Norris tough!

-Welcome to the industry!!
after this they will forgo the seatback and just place a bicycle seat on a post.
Why not forgo the bicycle seat? The concern about a high CG would be answered, as well as the needs for seat belts and seat belt extenders for oversized passengers. Safety would be improved as a results of spatial interference with rectum mounted incendiary devices as employed by the "butt bomber." No more Fruit of the Boom.

Really, the after midnight crowd at the Wall Mart could not use this type of seating. They barely waddle to their seats as is. The idea they could semi-stand for an hour while experiencing up to 2.5 times their already substantial body weight would exceed their physical endurance.
What about the number of oxygen generators and what if somebody needs a seat belt extender. WHo can fit if they need a seatbelt extender. THis company looks like an IPO ripoff on its way to the grave

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