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New Contract Proposal

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Well-known member
Nov 27, 2001
As Mike has said things have slowed down from the rumor mill standpoint. However, if you are interested in some light reading for those who are in the pool pls forward me a PM with your e-mail address and I'll forward the latest contract proposal. It is several files & rather large but it will at least make you smart about what you are about to enter into when you show up on property.


Realize I will be able to respond to these as I can get to them. I hope my PM box doesn't fill up too quick but if you get a notice the box is full, give me a few days & I'll try to delete some & get back to you. I will try to get to everyone I can, please be patient. I'd post it on here but it is too large.

The more you know about the company/union relationship, pay, benefits before you get here the better you'll be prepared to adapt to working at SWA. I will refrain from saying which I'm voting but will let you be the judge. Since this extension will impact anyone in the pool it is important for you to know. The majority of the pilots currently at SWA were not here when the last contract was signed. I knew what I was getting into when I started here, others said they didn't. At least this way you'll know. Again, please be patient as I will try to get to each person eventually.

I know voting started on July 3rd; when does it end?

Like you said, your mailbox is full.

Hi Chase,

Thanks for offering us these files. Would you add me to your list when you get a chance...Slug is right, you're inbox is full.
Inbox open (caveat)

To those trying to get the file, again as predicted my inbox got full fast. I'm trying to empty it as quickly as I can so & have twice so far but please be patient. I will check it several times a day so continue to try periodically.

BTW, the file is 1.07 MB in size. If your e-mail service won't allow you to receive files that large please contact your ISP to change it or it will make the process for me rather cumbersome. If you can't then I can split up the files but this takes longer.

Also you'll need Winzip to unzip the files, if you don't have that I can still send it normally but again it is cumbersome & takes more time. It may take some time to get it to you.

Lastly, I do get a notice when my inbox is full at flightinfo via my e-mail system so no need to post anything on here unless you simply like to post!!!

For those who maybe wondering BA737FO is doing well, enjoying HPA & his family is enjoying the US. I wish I could tell you all the horror stories about life in South Africa and yet how optimistic he is about his plans in the US. Regardless of how difficult times maybe for anyone out there, to think one would have to leave one's country, sell everything, say goodbye to all your friends & put all your possessions in suitcases & leave for a foreign country in what anyone could say is some of the toughest of economic times for pilots....well, he is an inspiration to us all.

cheers & God Bless,
voting ends?


Or anyone,

When does the voting close on the contract extension....tentative agreement....whatever its called?

voting ends...

Aug 19th, 2002....

IF approved, it will be retroactive to Aug. 3rd, I think...?
New Classes?

Thanks Treddin. To add fuel to the rumors that Jan and Jennifer can laugh at hysterically I was wondering if the announcement of upcoming classes ( or lack thereof) could be tied to the passing or not of the agreement? Just a thought to ponder over. Peace and love and everyone have a great weekend.


Voting closes on the 19th of August 2002 (after Wall St closes I might add). SWAPA must report their intentions to the Company by the 20th of August. If approved the terms will be implemented on the First of September 2002. Also if approved, it will extend the agreement to August 31st, 2006.
Its gonna be a close one.
could be...

For what it is worth....

I have a buddy who just retired after 30+ yrs with a major carrier. His $.02 worth, no doubt in his mind that is the case. He thinks that classes will begin in ernest within a week of acceptance, or even rejection of the interim agreement.

Says that he has seen this game a dozen times over his career....

Who knows - just as long as whatever happens is a good "balance" between A. good for SWA & B. good for the pilots. I for one would like to see the next 32 years of SWA history be just like the 1st 32 years!!!

Have a great weekend all! Treddin

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