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NetJets TA Passed

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Well-known member
May 13, 2004
Word from a friend on the inside is,

passed by 84%

only 308 no votes.
Congratulations to all. Now...to the people who don't like it here and have done nothin' but complain...kindly LEAVE!!!

The rest of us would all like to get back to work.
Well, I like it here

I like it here, I voted no, and I ain't leavin.

I think SU did great, I think we could have done better.

We will never know. Just be proud that what we have accomplished is rippling across the fractional industry.

WhenI'm in the terminal and I see a soldier in desert cammo, I walk up and say "thank you for what you are doing for our country".

Well next time you see a Netjet Pilot, how about sayin "howdy". (I have heard alot of this going on already) We are all doing the same "Dew".

Netjets Pilots, take a bow, you deserve it...

Gotta go pack, hitting the road tomorrow. Thanks again SU
Congrats to all of the Netjet pilots. CS pilots are doing well from it as well as an expected announcement from Flex.

and still from CGF....

Nice pay chart. Congrats guys and gals. Hopefully the other fracs will take notice and start paying you what your worth.

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