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NetJets Burning

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If you look at the precedent set at AMR where Crandall was using one regional affiliate against the other to control union pressures, the courts took a dim view of that. They are now considered all one group for collective bargaining.

If the IBT pushes the addition of NJI into the collective bargaining agreement, there is no question in my mind that they will win.

Thank you very much for your response. I for one appreciate it...I'm sure others will as well. It's nice to get noninflammatory response from the few here that have a real brain....Thanks again
wolfpackpilot said:
Did they ship it over there on a boat out of SFO?

We have a decommissioned aircraft carrier the S.S. (SAntulli ship) Columbus...we load 'em up in San Diego and cat shoot them off.....keep this under your hat, it's double secret squirrel stuff! :)
You're right said:
Hogprint, at long last, we agree on the above.

However, I will ask the same question of you. "When's the last time you were in South America? Asia? Africa?" I respect whatever previous experience you brought to the table, but seriously, on the question above, with NetJets--when? where?

South America - never

Asia - 1992

Africa - I saw north africa when I was landing in Rota...Does that count?

You forgot Europe, the Balkans, Iceland, Greenland and a couple of others I probably forgot.

I guess my question is, has anything changed? Do I need to be "read on" to go fly over yonder now?

Something must have changed because NJA only lets A teamers do it! It must be REAL hard now.
Yeah, I'd agree with that!

International flying isn't that tough. Its all the ground sh!t that is a bitch! (Dip Clearances etc...)

Once you get in the air it's not so bad.

Just listen to the controllers, your dumb American ass is in their country, treat them the way you would want to be treated.

When in doubt, ask for a phonetic, and don't sit there giving the guy a bunch of sh!t. You represent our country over there.

(It blows my mind to see an aviator go crazy and just get ugly because they are having trouble understanding the directions of the controller, wise up dummy!)

One last thing, people in other countries aren't as impressed with Americans, as Americans are impressed with Americans.

The stuff the other guys were saying about staying in the hotel, and away from the windows, I agree with.

If you are my old neighborhood just north of Bagdad, Stay inside the wire!!!!

I have never been mortared or rocketed when flying over Iraq. I was intercepted over Swiss airspace (We agreed to the intercept, I got great pictures because we were military and they could come into our view)

I have always got along well overseas, treat people the way you would want to be treated, and very importantly, never drop your guard.

My opinion.... See ya!
Yep, spent many a hotel night in Iraq myself, not a friendly place. After spending 5 mins there common sense should tell you not to wander around the city alone.

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