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Net Jets announcement

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Mar 14, 2005
Anyone know what the big announcement is going to be and if it has anything to do with Flight Options? Lots of rumors floating around...anyone care to give details?
I was in Columbus all week for meetings. The small word going around the palace was:

A buyout could happen soon. Even with Raytheon investing some $50 million into options.

NJA will take options new planes, old planes get sold.

NJA will offer interviews to options pilots.

NJA goal is to become a global giant in aviation.

NBAA convention is next week. Look for NJA to get back on track and order a bunch of planes.

I ran into BB in the hall and asked about hiring. He is now saying 750 pilots in 2006. I don't think this is possible due to sim slots.
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heard the same rumor on the road, fine with me, moves me up on the senority list. Might help some of the bypass FO's move up to captain sooner if all of the Otions pilots come in at the bottom of the senority list, get their newer airplanes and get orders for more at the NBAA meetings.
Nice twist!

Prior to union vote at Options, Raytheon buys Netjets to bust union prior to TA ratification.

oooooohhhhhh. that would be interesting. Then I would move up in the seniority list.

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