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Need some advice on CFI job (getting one)

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Yeah Buddy
Oct 14, 2004
Hi folks,

So I'm about to end my tenure here at good ol' grad school in December and I intend to seek CFI employment at some university (somehow...somewhere) with the intention of shooting towards a faculty position in the long term.

BUT, after getting my CFI-A a month ago I've just hit a rut around here; both the FBO where I did the training and the university where I attend (that has an aviation dept.) are giving me the cold shoulder.

I also intend to get the CFI-I soon, but the whole idea behind doing training here was to get some hours with them (the FBO or the school), so I feel it would be a big waste of potential access to further compromise my time and money in pursuing the double I with this FBO that will look at me after my -I and still shrug their shoulders. The other issue I have is that I would like to have some dual given before I apply to these universities; I know if you're not in-house they start quoting higher mins so it would be in my best interest to try and get some hours under my belt rather than waste months sitting on my ticket.

Right now I'm expanding my search to locations farther away; even if it means driving back and forth a couple days a week it beats my current situation. At any rate, considering my scenario:

1)Would it be wise to pursue the double I without having the security of having attained that first CFI job? (i.e. what's the worth of a CFI-AI with no dual given?)

2)Would it be wise to pursue the double I at this FBO knowing they haven't been responsive and probably won't be, rather than doing it either after I obtain employment OR with an FBO who would give me employment?

Thanks for the feedback folks...just trying to get started.
Usually FBO's will hire you if they like you.....Who knows???? But anyways, I dont know you or your situation, but lets say you have good potential which I will assume yes. They may be the ones that have the problem, not you. Dont worry about it. Just send out a ton of resumes to every place you can find. I personally could have worked at the place I did most of my training but I hated them and chose not to deal with their crap. So I sent out tons of resumes and got a job at a very well known school 1400 miles and way. You may have to pack your things and make a move like I chose to do. I also had no dual given and was still hired. It is possible, you just need to find the jobs.
Thanks for the feedback BLing, I totally agree that there will be relocation involved, which I'm open to once I finish this school thing in December. I am very interested in university aviation because it will enable me to further my career in aviation Education, since I do not intend to shoot for 121 work.

I also recognize how political these universities are when it comes to hiring so by no means I'm stovepiping myself into getting with one of them right away. I also don't feel there's a problem with me, at the end of this semester, hopefully :D, I would walk away from this joint with a masters degree (albeit in aerospace eng, not aviation, but still marketable to these flight deparments if I pitch the idea right) and 2 years of instructional experience at the university level teaching undergraduate courses and labs in AE. Adding my CFI to that and perhaps maybe getting the double I before December would make me marketable, once again provided I'm pitching my idea right to these colleges.

Talking about which, say I have 2K in some savings account hidden somewhere, would it be worth just biting the bullet and getting that -I done job contentions for this semester aside?

Thanks, I'm open to ideas, keep em coming.
GET THE CFII!!! You are much more marketable with it. The MEI is one in which some people can get by without, but the CFII is a must.
BLing said:
GET THE CFII!!! You are much more marketable with it. The MEI is one in which some people can get by without, but the CFII is a must.
It teaches you the most also, as opposed to S turns.
Love the avatar. Talk about beer of choice. I could go for a cold one right now, wait it's 2 in the afternoon. Oh well...

Sorry for hijackin' thread, but it's Lonestar. Back to original discussion.
So I've decided to bite the bullet and tackle that double I. It shouldn't take that many hours (I'm IFR current) and the checkride should be brisk since it's an add-on.....well hopefully I won't get sent to KIND again... let some other lamb pull that pin :D

I talked to some other FBOs in the region and none are hiring but they'll keep me on file pending changing hiring needs. One chief flight instructor I spoke on the phone with reassured me the CFII would be great and they expect me to get it, but he said not having the CFII yet is in no way a hinderance for me to obtain employemt, at least with them (neither is the no dual given business). So we'll see how the next couple months pan out.

As for the universities, I'll start shooting resumes and cover letters as soon as I get the -I, and hope for the best. Thanks all for the feedback and advice!
Most University-level programs require at least 200 dual given for outside candidates. Find a part-time gig to build that time until you're done with school -- if all works out, your 200 d.g. and a university job will converge at the same time! Good luck!

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