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National Seniority list

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Nindiri said:
Legal problems aside, a national senority list would lead to some interesting situations. For example, Captains making less than half what their FO is making, senior pilots going from company to company cherry-picking the best jobs at the expense of other pilots who have worked hard.

Beware the law of unintended consequences.

No, if you went to another carrier, you would still have to work your way up their seniority list, but your pay would not be based on that, it would be based on total time with the "guild". So a senior DAL captain wouldn't go to NWA, because even if the Captain payrates were better at NWA, he would be getting 20 or 25 year FO pay, because he would start as an FO at the new airline.
Can you voluntarily wait until an opening comes that you want, or must you choose from whatever happens to be available at the time?
ArcticFlier... you are right on with this. I've been thinking about it for a while. How about this for some rules. Some are painful, but thats what it will take.

First....divide the flying jobs into 2 different levels... majors/LCC/Large Cargo as one... and the regionals as the other.

Now... all sins must be forgiven... all Union and Non-Union pilots who are currently employed by a part 121 carrier are combined in a National Seniority list by Date of Hire (ties broken by birth date) with their current airline. Whallah...ONE LIST with TWO LEVELS.

Now the hard work is done, heres how this thing will function as a national system:

A brand new pilot must choose a regional company to work for. Once he chooses, he stays with that company until his national seniority can hold him a spot at the "Majors" level, OR he is furloughed from the regional. If he is furloughed, then he has the right to bump into wherever his National Seniority can hold him.

Works the same way at the Majors level. No company hopping! Pick a career track with the company you want and hope for the best. If you are furloughed.... then and only then do you have the right to bump into another company.

Heres the kicker that might make the Airlines buy off on it. The "Guild" must pick up the tab for ALL inititial training when a seniority bump happens. Upgrade, transition, and recurrent training are still at the cost of the airline. But initial training is being caused by the "Guild" if seniority bumping occurs.

The national contract is something entirely different.... but it must be common among all companies. No more beating us up because the undeducated 300 hour CFI's will work for free!

OK... enough out of me... back to the crackpipe.
Rez O. Lewshun said:
Who is going to pay for a National Seniority list?

We all are!

It would take an agreement or merger of every single Union and Non-Union carrier group out there. ALPA, Teamsters, APA....

It won't work unless every single pilot in the country only offers their services through the national "guild". We know that pilots are lo-life bottom feeders and won't do that on their own. Its therefore up to some organization to force it. And I have no idea how to make that happen.
How are you going to force them? If a group of pilots doesn't want to be part of this guild or national senority list, and an airline is willing to hire them instead of guild members, how would you stop it?
How do you stop a pilot from crossing a picket line? There would be no difference than the way it works now.

BTW ties would have to be broken by something random like the last four numbers of your SSN. Someone would scream about age discrimination or something.

AF :cool:

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