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My video profile made it on CNN!!!

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Jan 7, 2003
Just a little background....

CNN has a new segment called the "30 Second Pitch" on their Newsroom telecast. Wanted to get some exposure in my job hunt, I emailed them and basically asked them to be on the show....

They said YES and I taped my segment on Tuesday. It apparently aired today and you can find it online at: http://tinyurl.com/cn4zdy.

I hope its a great result!!!
Very creative...I didn't know that CNN did such a thing. Best of luck to you...hope it lands you a great gig. My thoughts go out to all those seeking a job in these difficult times.
I could never expose myself like that on a forum like this. You must really be desperate. Good luck
Wow, quite the dichotomy between the responses here and *************** (the other aviation forum).

As I said before, I like your ambition. Very professional of you!
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Hey, good for him!

I thought it was well done and far from "desperate"...and I bet he lands a far better job than the guy a few posts up flying citations and MU300's (whatever that is)

Good Luck tdwnds1, what area are you looking in? - maybe we can help..

I have interviewed hundreds of potential employees (Not Pilots) and you are extremely nervous.
Did you practice in front of a mirror?
Thirty Seconds is such a short amount of time to sell yourself.
Always easier to Monday Morning Quarterback it.
If you do this again, try not to blink so much.
Try and relax, can hear the nervousness in your voice.
What types?
What city do you live in?
Willing to relocate?
Funny, that most HR people spend about 30-45 seconds with your cover letter and resume. There must be something that springs off the page to bring yours to the top of the pile.

What are your plans for your next broadcast?
What is your B plan??

Ok, this is Fight Info, blast away and pick apart my commentary.
Your comments were pretty much spot on there DOTs. Having said that, best of luck to you tdwnds, I hope you land it.

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