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More Alaska Furloughs

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Feb 5, 2003
Up to 80 more by October.

Of course this had absolutely nothing at all in any way with new incentives to fly more. None. Zip.
Is this for sure? rumor? up to 80 based on what? early outs?
Anybody flying over 75 hours or VSA'ing should be called out on it? Complete BS to be doing either with guys on furlough. Yeah its in the contract but common decency and respect for your fellow employees should make you think twice about doing it.
The number comes from a company memo to the Union regarding anticipated further furloughs. The Company and the Union are negotiating furlough mitigation language.

That said, VSA with guys on furlough is unacceptable.
I don't think this is a matter of who is right or wrong on the contract. The fact of the matter is that the contract passed by 84% of the votes cast.

You could just as easily say that an overwhelming number of the 199 were very junior F/Os who voted out of fear of furlough. I guess that makes them "right" for their personal interests. The other 1065 voted for what was "right" for their interests.
You can thank age 60 (and Depends).
Consider the upside for those furloughed: You can go work for Republic and get paid $60 -$70 to fly a 100 seat jet. The future is indeed bright!
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That said, VSA with guys on furlough is unacceptable.

So you're saying that you voted no??

This *ussy two-facing pilot group voting in a contract keeping VSA possible is unbelievable. When are we going to grow a pair?!?!
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I voted no. For two reasons this was a bad contract. The first being more efficient in order to let the company be more flexable. The second was scope. The ink hasn't been dry for two weeks yet . Every pilot must fly only to 75 hours and under no circumstances fly VSA.
Listen, I'm not opposed to VSA per se. However, when there are pilots on furlough, exercising that particular section of the contract is personally unjustifiable. That said, one can never judge the conditions of another's life unless you've walked a mile in their shoes.
Hmm. What did 199 Alaska Pilots know that the Rest didn't?

And add the 60 of us on furlough who didn't get a vote! But of course this has nothing to do with the ratified TA! Not at all...LOL!

The writing was all over the wall. The only aspect where I miscalculated was how long it took the company to announce the prospect of more furloughs. They beat my estimation by several weeks.

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