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Minimums at Fratcionals

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Sep 7, 2005
Hey guys, sorry if this has been addressed elswhere, but are the published mins on the fractional websites hard and fast, or is there wiggle room?, I have the listed total time, but just an ATP written, is this good enough or do I need to spend the 1200 bucks for the weekend crash course to have a shot? Thanks.
NJA & FLEX 2500 TT, 500 Multi
CitationShares 2000 TT, 1500 multi and other small stuff
FLOPS: I dunno.....internal recommendation.

You HAVE to meet the mins everywhere, it's in the owner contracts that pilots will have at least this amount of flight time.

ATP will help I think, but you don't really need one, especially if you've got the written done, b/c you will get an ATP for free during training. I wouldn't spend the money personally.

NJA will hire you with mins and a pulse, they can't fill classes right now. CS is a little more picky. It's the best one of the bunch right now, and you probably need an internal rec. FLOPS sucks, don't go there. Flex is in the middle. Best starting pay of them all, but get ready to sit in the right seat for a long time anywhere.

Correct me if I'm wrong anyone.

I like I said, I meet the posted mins (barely in some cases) but I don't have an ATP. I am contemplating a lateral move from a part 121 regional. Do you know what is competitive at those places?
CS: pretty competitive. Like I said, shortest upgrade, happiest group. You'll probably need an internal rec there.

FLOPS: Hiring, but only for certain bases. If you live where they are looking for people, you have a good chance. However, people I talk to in FBO's and on this board seem very unhappy. They have an ex regional CEO, and he's trying to run it like a regional.

Flex: Hiring, but I have no idea what it takes there.

NJA: Hiring, and if you meet the mins, you are competitive. They can't get people to come work for them. Nobody wants to be gone half the year for $27K. Not to mention all the union stuff that is going on.

But in my opinion, anything is better than a regional. I hated every second there.
Where do people get their info? FlexJet 2500tt 500 multi 500turbine ATP. An inside rec will help greatly.
Dennis said:

I like I said, I meet the posted mins (barely in some cases) but I don't have an ATP. I am contemplating a lateral move from a part 121 regional. Do you know what is competitive at those places?

If you are flying turbine equipment and can see an upgrade at the regional you are with any time in the near future I would stay there. You will need at least 1000 hours pic turbine as defined by FAR part 1 to be competitive at most higher jobs. You WILL NOT get that at any fractional without a very long wait. However, if you think the fractionals are where you want to spend your career then make the move. That's my two cents and it cost you nothing.


You either meet the minimus or you don't. Saying you barely meet them doesn't help your case. Much of getting hired is about the presentation. Good luck
thanks guys,
allow me to clairfy my question, and I think it's been pretty well answered. I meet all of the posted minimums with the exception of the ATP, I don't have much more than than some of the mins, i.e. PIC I have 760, most of that as a Flight Instructor. I'm sitting on 2600TT, better than half of that is Turbine Multi. I have never been a CAPT anywhere. I was just curious about the ATP requirement, since getting an ATP would be an easy addon to a type rating. I sounds like I'm stuck hoping for an upgrade, or shelling out the $$.
I think you got it.

ATP will likely get you in at NJA if you do it NOW. Once a TA happens and the new payscale is published... I would expect it will be MUCH more difficult to get your foot in the door.

$1200 for the ATP will then likely lead to you get an all expense paid Type Rating worth $10 - 20 K maybe.

The big difference in getting in at NJA and the other fracs is probably the Recommendation. You don't need one here right now...

The slight risk is coming in now there is a possibility of a release strike and firing of the union pilots to bring in a replacement air force.

But then you are fired you no longer are responsible for that pesky $20K training contract.

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