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mid atlantic airlines

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im BROKE bitch im BROKE!!
May 7, 2005
where would i find information on mid-atlantic airlines (fax #, Phone #, E-mail). Tried this site, aviationinterviews.com, and airlinepilotcenteral.
Try www.usairways.com. However, you have to get hired in 1987, get furloughed a couple of times then be recalled into MidAtlantic.

Technically, the airline doesn't exist in the FAAs mind. The 170s are on the USAir certificate. MidAtlantic was created as a C-Scale.
There is no such airline, it is a division of USAirways. Currently the aircraft are being sold to Republic airlines (aka ChQ airlines)

Anyway, they are not hiring, all staffing to this point is done by furloughed U pilots or W/O pilots (PDT,ALG,PSA)
Been hearing the transaction was, or will be cancelled. Any truth to this?
According to USAviation.com the deal was completed today. :(

"We have been advised by Captain Lyle Hogg that the sell transaction between Republic and MDA is complete. Classes at Republic to resume on September 27. He states that a new pref. sheet will be sent out shortly. This just posted in Sabre Crew Trac."

Good luck to the fine people at MDA. They have been tossed around, used, and discarded time and again -- pawns in some kind of management chess game. They deserve much, much better.
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What are they bitching about, won't they be more stable at Republic? They will still have their USAir seniority number and can go to USAir when recalled. Sounds like a win-win to me.

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