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Mesa, what's going on?

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Jun 22, 2002
Recently i read on this forum that mesa was getting ready to hire for a september class. Can any mesa employees confirm or deny this.

Who cares? Why would you want to work there?!?!?!
Mesa hiring?

Yeah, does anyone have the latest on Mesa? They've had my paperwork in since before 9-11. Have they recalled everyone? Are they going to start hiring? When? I know they still have jets on order and they just recently got awarded a new EAS contract out of DFW (formerly GQ's). Anyone have any real info?

Thanks in advance!:p
we just recalled about 20 more. that leaves 20 on furlough. we still have 70 crj700-900 on order andgot the first one this week. stil unsure whos going to fly them, under mesa or freedom?? There are 4 1900D's going to dallas for EAS, and that will require bout 12 more crews. if they dont pull 4 1900s out of other markets, they will have to get 4 new ones. I would say there will be a new hire class in the fall. that is if theres not a strike.
Thanks jetdriven!

I take it you fly for Mesa. I'd really like to learn more. Can you give me any more insight on interviewing or tips on things I can do to prepare for an interview with you guys? Thanks again in advance!
newhires and status

Hey Fly Guy any word as to how many new hires and/or those that didn't complete gorund school? Have you heard any scuttlebutt about what rate they are going to recall those folks?

I don't have the answers to your questions; but, I'd sure like to find out. Anyone out there have some info to pass on? By the way, mesajock, when did you get hired at mesa? What do you know about the hiring situation? Are they still pumping out San Juaners? Any info appreciated. Thanks!
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"Curious, whats 50, 70, 90 seat Capt pay there at Mesa?"

Crap! I would think long and hard about working there before accepting employment. Ask other pilot groups what they think about Mesa pilots because, unless you plan to retire there, you are going to have to interview with line pilots from other airlines. The airline I work for despises Mesa guys because they are helping to shut us down despite being considerably worse on operational performance. Just my .02.
Not my beef, but uhhh..... pilots don't control where they fly. It's the management, and I suspect it's the US Airways management...

Venting your anger at Mesa pilots is misplaced...

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