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MESA rumors

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ERJ pilot

New member
Nov 26, 2001
I have heard a lot rumors that MESA is about to acquire several (at least 3) 737s. Can anyone out there comment on that?

Also, I am hearing that CC Air, a MESA Air Group company has petitioned to bring to a vote throwing out ALPA as the pilot group reps. The reward for this action is to be that the CC Air pilots and not the MESA pilots will be flying the new CRJ 700s and CRJ 900s.

AGAIN, the above are rumors that I have read and heard. The one about the 737s came from the plane business website. I was hoping to get some confirmation on these from some of you out there.

If true,I hope they're better managed-too many cancellations for mx and crew availability.No slam on the pilot group ! Just go down to the D gates at CLT and see for yourself.
I used to work in Mesa Ops at PHX. Again, not to slam the pilot group or the company, but we had LOTS of problems with MX cancellations and delays for so many reasons. The gate situation was a nightmare (this was not the company's fault per se.) Not nearly enough people to work the ramp or the gates. The flow of communication was pretty miserable. Employee morale was in the toilet bowl, and we kept the passengers pretty unhappy.

An example: We had a flight to Yuma that (supposedly) departed just after 6AM every weekday. The flight was ALWAYS delayed by at least a half hour. I truly mean always. When I worked the gate, a businessman came to my gate to go to Yuma every Monday. He had 2 questions for me every morning... What was the score of the ASU game, and how late is the flight this morning. It was embarassing.

Another: When I transfered to Ops, I'd only been working at the company a couple months. On my second day down in ops, Neither of the other 2 agents scheduled for the morning showed up. I was left to coordinate the gate assignments, communicate with inboud/outbound aircraft, locate crews, and basically coordianate the whole Phoenix operation with literally 1 day of experience. That morning was a serious charlie foxtrot for the airline.

I've heard things have improved. While I was there, a new station manager took over. Ornstein is pretty saavy, but he's no Herb Kelleher. I agree with the previous poster that Mesa needs to work on its management strategy if its going to make a run at the big time.
Mesa B737s

I haven't followed it lately, but the Mesa 737 rumor was on some board about a month ago. I'd find it to be extremely rich if they do get them, and here's why.

I interviewed at Mesa in the fall of 1990. During that time, the first RJs were on the drawing boards and were in the magazines. Some Vice-President of Operations at Mesa by the name of Grady something-or-another interviewed me. He asked if I had any questions, so I asked Mr. something-or-another if Mesa might ever acquire regional jets. He was clearly annoyed by my question. I thought the question was fair because RJs were public knowledge. I wouldn't be surprised if my question killed my interview.

Of course, as Paul Harvey says, we know the rest of the story. Mesa now operates two kinds of RJs, so, I guess, they acquired RJs after all :rolleyes: and are a major RJ operator.

I recall some poster saying that rumor was not true. Of course, the America West folks would be thrilled about it if it happens. :rolleyes:

Seriously, I sure would be interested in reading authentic information about Mesa getting 73s.
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From what I've heard, that guy you're talking about is a total idiot. He was a B1900 program manager or something like that, thought his crap didn't stink, but didn't know his a$$ from a hole in the ground. The story goes is he was showing off how to check the fluid level in the fill can for the landing gear hydraulic system. Every new hire (mechanic and pilot) who might even think of going near that fill can were warned to NEVER unscrew the cap and check the dipstick without first depressurizing the system with the manual bleed valve. Well you guessed it, Mr. Big Shot unscrewed the cap and got hydraulic fluid all over himself and everywhere. Everyone in the maintenance hanger were laughing their arses off. He was lucky he didn't get seriously injured. The gear system pressure normally is between 2320-2775 psi; although I don't know how high it gets at the fill can, it's still high enough to hurt somebody. The manual bleed valve was henceforth referred to as the "Grady Valve" in his honor.
As an aside:To the CCAir folks wishing to vote ALPA off the property-I hope you plan on retiring there.If you believe Johnny O's gonna get you jets in return,I have some nice oceanfront property for sale near PHX.
Grady Something-or-another

Thanks, Rudedog. I wish I could remember "Grady's" last name. I am sure he was the "Grady" who turned thumbs-down on me because the 1900s were Mesa's prime equipment at the time, more so than the Brasilias. Larry Risley loved the 1900s. But, somehow, I recall there was more than one "Grady" at Mesa at the time, which was circa 1990.

Pretty typical of this business. You go on the interview of your life, desperate for the chance, and you're interviewed by some a-hole, which this fellow was. But, after getting a second shot at working at Mesa and being hired at the flight school, I found that this "Grady" was typical of the jerks who populated the place at that time.

Fly safe :)

It rhymes with tREED, gREED, and bREED. For legal reasons, I can't give out his name. It could be some other Grady, there's SO many at Mesa. If so I apologize to the innocent Gradys out there. I wouldn't want to be accused of slander, libel, defamation, or any other no-no for which this guy might sic his lawyer on me. ;)
Ahhah, THAT "Grady" !

Thanks again, Rudedog, for reeding my post and refreshing my recollection. That's the guy, alright. A real fine and fair gentleman and professional interviewer. :rolleyes:

In retrospect, I might not have done a perfect interview, but plenty of people do imperfect interviews and get hired. I'll go to the grave convinced that this fellow nixed my candidacy because I only asked a simple question about Mesa getting RJs. What adds insult to injury and makes this all the more ironic is, according to several posts, that MAPD grads were being asked in their interviews if they wanted the RJ! I would have been tickled pink just to have the chance to go to class to fly his 1900s, or someone else's, for the rest of my career.
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Guess who fired almost a whole class in Dec -94? Reason? One, yes one of the guys in the class had made a bunch of bogus reservations out of FMN, just to be able to get home over x-mas (dum bass).

Having said that, Mr xxxx's son is a top dude, somtimes the apple falls pretty far away from the tree:)

Yes, the story about the hydralic reseovoir is true.

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