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Mesa Info?

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No recalls at MESA yet. They may not recall anyone for another couple of months still. You might want to stay away from MESA for a while because they just started contract negotiations.
the above i agreee with. we have 313 on furlough, and it may be a year before they are all called back. but we have 700/900 crjs on order and deliveries begin in may, so it may pick up soon
good luck
Please forgive my ignorance about the Mesa situation.

Do those furloughs include Air Midwest?
Air Midwest included

Yes, the Mesa furloughs include pilots from Air Midwest as well.
yep, about 1/2 of them are AMW. MESA is EXTREMELY short of ERJ FOs , almost to the piont of calling back AMW beech guys and having the current AMW pilots in the ERJ FO classes they are starting back up.

You said you are expecting the 700/900 CRJ's. What about J.O.'s statement on the CEO message that unless he gets a deal with US Airways, he said the 900's are going to his new company Freedom Air. I don't know if Freedom Air even exists except in his mind. But he said it, you can listen for yourself. What am I missing?
freedom air is a new certificate they applied for to circumnaviaget the USAirways scope clause. No word of yet on if the Mesa pilots will fly these aircraft..or if it will be a union carrier. check out the yahoo club about mesa
Another Mesa Certificate????

I was with MESA when they ordered those 700's and 900's. Back then the thought was they were going under America West color's or Mesa's own colors because the Airway's scope clause capped at 50 seaters.

Did JO find a way around it???

I hope MESA guys get to do the flying even though we all know it will be the lifer's in PHX who will all go to the 700's and 900's. At least that will open a few more opportunities for the other CRJ guys...
JAFO the website for the MESA message board is http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/themesaairlinesforum you might need a yahoo ID to enter.

dondk: JO is a union buster i dont need to tell you that. He is using the USAirways scope clause and Freedom air to have non-ALPA pilots fly the crj-700/-900 at the lowest payscale with no rights. He has already threatened CCAir pilots to shut down the airline if they dont vote ALPA off the property and in exchange for that CCAir would get the 700/900's. If that doenst say union buster what does?
Jeez, he is after CCAir again!

Screwing them over about a year ago was not enough. I hope they don't take the bait of the jet's though. Although I think It would be interesting in CLT with MESA and CCair if it did happen...

I am interested in what he is thinking on a new contract for Mesa... I am sure he is not going to get off easy as he did with the current contract. Is he still looking for extensions?

Best of luck, and I hope the Mesa guys get the 700 & 900's...
It appears you got some great replies. The yahoo club is basically a pissing match between Mesa Mngmt (including the CEO) and Mesa pilots.
Mesa is really the same as most regionals although Horizon seems to have the happiest pilot group followed by Skywest.

Just an observation from attitudes conveyed by jumpseaters on my flights and my jumpseating experiences on there aircraft. Maybe Horizon and Skywest pilots havn't perfected the pilot whine yet.