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Mesa and Skywest considered MAJORS!!

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Puck Mugger said:
That will pull tons of wool at a cocktail party.

Worked at my last cocktail party!

Is it supposed to burn when I pee?
all the more reason you should get a GOOD CONTRACT and not accept sh!t from managment!!!!!!

Pathetic how many Skywest people I talked to who thought 1.2% was a good thing, because it's all the company can afford. Make sense, cause everyone else is taking PAY CUTS, right?

Pull your head out of your asses, WHO just hit a 52 wk high? WHO is making record profits????
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Spinplate said:
Check it out!


Considered majors due to their revenue levels!!

Wish it was MAJORS payscale too!!
Be careful what you wish for.
It is MAJORS payscale, the rest of the MAJORS have not gotten down there yet!
Been sayin' this for years, legacy and mainline pilots could support "regional" pilots and bring their pay up or do nothing and watch their pay move down to the regional scale. Compare the new DAL and JB pay for their smallest jets!
Basic Econ 101, I guess most Mainline guys slept during that class.
So Meat,

Something like 80% of the Skywest pilots voted against the proposal, yet, you know "so many" pilots who thought it was a good thing?

Doesn't say much about the people you know. Perharps you should consider a new circle of friends.
Or maybe he avoids preaching to the choir and talks to the people that need talking to about this subject.

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