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MESA -200s for UAL...TOAST

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Well-known member
Feb 7, 2006
email was sent out by the company today stating UA has not informed Mesa if they will or will not continue to operate the 200s. It appears that the company is taking the Loss on this one. CRJ ground schools have been CXd
Wait, don't they fly like a gazillion 200s?
Negative.... and there is the option to swap 10 of the current -200s for -700s however Mesa is having trouble financing them.
UAL and Delta see the writing on the wall for Mesa. UAL is limiting exposure by canceling contracts, while Delta has moved them to the least important network hub to limit the impact on operations.

In May 2010, Mesa will have 63 spare airplanes:
CRJ 200 - 25 (they will have 33 spares, but 8 can be returned in April with significant lease return fees)
ERJ - 12
DHC8 - 6 (have 10, 4 can be returned on 4/30/10)
B1900 - 20

96 Airplanes will remain in revenue service:

CRJ 200 - 10 USAir
CRJ 700 - 20 UAL
CRJ 900 - 38 USAir
ERJ 145 - 22 Delta
DCH 8 - 6 USAir

As of June 30, Cash was 21M unrestricted and 14M restricted.

Mesa attempted to acquire 10 CRJ 700's for UAL, but was unable to obtain financing.
Word is that Mesa has given United the delivery schedule for the 10
additional -700s which as stated was required by Oct 31st.
Mesa memo;

Over the past several months, we have been reporting that our United DH8 and CRJ-200 contracts were at risk to expire on April 30, 2010. Last week, United served us official notice of their intent not to renew our DH8 contract and alternatively did not provide notice to extend the CRJ200 contract. Given this news, we have decided to stop ground training at this time while we evaluate our fleet plan and staffing needs (this does not include recurrent ground training).
All pending future training dates are also canceled, except for recurrent training."
Mesa memo;

This was the tail end of the training from a displacement that was put out this summer from overstaffing. It makes sense that they would pause it and wait to see how things pan out, then run an additional displacement to reflect the loss of UA flying whatever that is in the end.

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