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mail came

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from the gang at home
Feb 23, 2002
Guess we will start from go again...

So, Fractionals?
We are not alone...
*Spouses, we need a chat room to cry in.*

(any body have a line about "2 times in 5 years" in their letter?)

Crying or twice in 5????
I DO detect co-miseration!!!
We will all hang together!!
Thanks for the note.
Twice in 5.

Cry for SWA? I think not. It was my second interview as well.

There were occurences and incidents during my interview that made it very clear that they had no interest in me and no intention of hiring me. The biggest thing was using my three year old application information in the interview instead of using the contemporary version that I sent to them 3 weeks in advance. I have no idea why they even bothered calling me in unless they think that this makes them so wonderful to work for because they are so nice to everyone! I don't need their duplicitious attitude.

That was just one thing, there were others as well.

There will be no third time for me.
I had enough of their phoney baloney, and insincerity.

It's time to pick yourselves up and get back on the horse. Who knows, If your mate was hired by them he might find their unctuous attitude intolerable. Remember also that SWA makes a very big deal of the probationary period. They even go as far as defining people as "probies". It is not that unusual for people to be drummed out during that time. Of course no one is going to want to admit to that. If your mate feels bad about not getting picked up by SWA imagine how he would feel if he didn't make through the first year. You have to fit their little "family" perfectly or your going to have problems.

Yeah I know this is from the outside looking in. I have done a lot of research on this and talked to many SWA people about it. I am being as objective as I can. I am sure that the company works well for many of the people there, if you fit their ideals. All I am trying to say is that if they did not select your mate it may be for the best. Remember the old saying, "Be careful what you wish for, you might get it."
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well, it is nice.

Sounds like you are paying the bills and flying high. Nobodys boots gonna get shiney by you lickin' em, eh?


Sounds like it would be hard to fit into the family and I know much you wanted them to change so you could. It is hard smiling all the time, might hurt.

Seems like you THOUGHT it would have been fun until you got there. You also sound (ok, they could start coming out of the woods but...) like the first who had a hard time at the interview.

I thought I read that there was over a 90 something % retention... (that didn't wash out, is what I mean. )

I think there was another saying about "Attitude is everything" which could come into play here.
So I will tell him not to look for you at the next try. Okeedokey then.
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You got it all wrong. But that's OK. You don't know anything about this business and absolutely NOTHING about me. You do not know how hard I work or my dedication to my job.

I had nothing to say that was insulting to anyone. Why you have to personally attack me is beyond reason.

I does seem like you drank a lot of Koolaid though.

Snivel somewhere else.

We are all passionate of our work and rejection hurts everyone. Cry about it. Get over it, and move on.

Adios Muchaca!
Moving On


Best of luck to you and your guy.

I trust your guy was working all along for other opportunities. Up until ten minutes before I got the call from JM I was on the phone trying to break down doors for interviews with Frontier, ATA and Spirit.

Opportunities are breaking out slowly but surely. Just have 'em keep at it.

I was furloughed 12 Sep 01 and have been out of work since then. I've had six flying position interviews and was shot down by four companies... can't explain why. Like you said in one of your previous post; it's their game, their rules, they can do what they want and hire whom they please.

I guess it's just the way our minds operate; we analyze the experience (pro/con), try to learn something from the whole thing, then file it away and forget about it, unitl we need to retrieve for some stated purose.

High school, college, OCS, flight school, flying in the fleet, being promoted, medals/awards, 20 successful military/flying years, retired, got job offers, captain with a 121 carrier...life was good.

Then 9/11. Whoa! Where's that company the pays my salary? Hey, no problem I'll just get another job.

Furloughs? Everyone? Naw, EJA is hiring, love those Midway guys. Hey I'll interview there.


Hey, what's that? Rejection, failure, never expereinced that before (except for SWA and lots of females!). NO problem, pick myself up off the floor, stuff my guts back in my stomach and move on.

AirTran? Didn't furlough? Hiring? Loves those Midway guys! Beat down that door, get that interview.

BOOM! ...Horizontal butt stroke to cranium!

Hey, that hurts, why you'd do that? I'm a great guy, you hired that whining turd who was there the same day, why not me?

Alright, pick yourself back up.... Corporate job, they're hiring?

And it goes on and on and on.

Just continue to be there to help clean up the mess and get him back on his feet. It doesn't take us long and we can do it by ourselves, but it is nice to have you there!

Keep the pointy end forward!
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In hot,

Great attitude! One has to keep plugging along regardless of how dim things get. Well done. Look forward to seeing you at the new guy party this spring or summer.


To correct a few items you mentioned in your post.

First of all if the info they were using was 3 years old my apologies. With the internet the way it is, the difficulty in verifying what you say is true is difficult. I've NEVER heard of such a thing happening but there is always a first time. Again, my apologies, no excuses. Just curious, did you point this out to anyone that the info wasn't current? I'm confident that if you had, the interviewers would have provided that feedback to the folks who had screwed up & would try not to have that happen again. Additionally, most folks when they come to the interview have a copy of everything they have sent to the company, including resume. Having this info would have provided them with all they need to know anyway. BTW, the interviewers ONLY have access to your resume, nothing more. No background info, no LORs, nothing. This allows the interviewers to have as uncluttered a view of you as possible with no outside influences other than YOUR OWN resume. If the resume they had was old, whip out the new one & say "um, I think this one is more current, pls use this one, thanks."

In terms of probation. I've never heard the term "probies" before. I've never been at another major so don't have anything to compare it to but I thought everyone treated me great while on probation & mine wasn't a flawless probation!! I've heard of only 1 or 2 folks not making it through probation & only 1 person not making it through IOE over the last 2-3 yrs. If you have other data then I'll stand corrected. Maybe the folks you have spoken too didn't have my experience, if so then I understand your comments. However, generally I've not heard of many problems that weren't overcome by perserverance & effort + attitude.

Your comments about attitude are correct. We are looking for folks who have a similar attitude to the interviewers, current employees of the company. Diversity in culture, race, religion are all fine. Attitude diversity is not something most companies desire. EVERY COMPANY would like to have positive, upbeat, take charge employees. However, most settle for less & compromise that aspect of a person's personality for the skills they bring to the table. SWA doesn't & it has paid off for them. SWA has always said, we hire for attitude...we can train the folks to do any job we have. Lets face it, there are a ton of pilots out there, as are computer folks, schedulers, marketing types. What can't be taught or instilled in folks is how you approach your job & fellow workers. As one of our senior executives says, "YOU AND YOU ALONE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN HAPPINESS." The company isn't, your spouse isn't, your kids aren't, you are. So if one doesn't display an attitude in the 3 x 45 minute sessions that encompanses the things I've spoken about above, you won't get hired. Simple as that. However, nothing prevents someone from coming back again if they so desire. No value judgement about the person. Not all of my friends that I have or people I like would do well at SWA, doesn't mean they are bad folks, just different. They're still my friends.

Sorry the experience didn't turn out well for you but condemming the company for what type of people it will hire would be like telling YOU what type of friends you should have. Any company should be allowed to hire the type of folks THEY feel will be the best for their company. Otherwise, let anyone off the street walkup & get a job. While the process may seem harsh to those turned down, it is a process, LEGAL, reasonable & most importantly consistent IMHO.

I'm sure you are a great person with great skills & will do well somewhere else. IMHO, if one walks away from the experience bitter I believe it says more about the individual than it does the company. As evidence by the number of folks who come back 2, 3, 4 times and are eventually hired. Some are never hired. Doesn't mean they are dirt bags, just not the type folks SWA is looking for.

Good luck, God Bless in your quest for a flying job.

Sorry about the rambling. I don't want to get into a big battle of philosophy on this web site about this subject. It is worth rambling about but not on this thread. My apologies to all for digressing slightly.
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still waiting....still waiting

Just got registered....

It's Friday and still waiting for notification from SWA.
I do spend a lot of time on the computer, so hopefully the line was busy?

Same vibes as many:

Read NUTS,
Interview went very well,
Background check completed,
They Spoke with Chief Pilot for an hour; good recommendation,
They spoke with several SWA pilots, who provided good recommendations,
Pilot doing background check stated I did well with the interview,
Had type before applying.

Either way, I will post my results, background, and opinion of the process.

Getting turned down hurts, but it's funny how things turn out in the end.
I'm lucky to have a backup, but was just tryng to make a better career.
Never give up and keep the positive attitude......

Tony S.:eek:

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