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Looking for one Hawaii approach plate...

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Well-known member
Dec 10, 2001
Hi guy's,

I'm interviewing with Aloha/Island Air and I need an approach plate to study. The plate in need is the VOR/A Lahiana approach into Kapalua/West Maui.
It is off the MKK 100 radial. It is supposed to be a difficult one and would require some study to get right. If anyone has one, can you please fax me a copy at 360/341/2070. It would be so appreciated and helpful to a fellow struggling pilot applicant.

Thanks very much,

You won't find that approach at that website and it's also not in any of the Jepps. It is a locally designed approach by Island Air or Corporate Air, so I hear. It's really not all that difficult... If I remember right,(the only time I've seen it was at my interview so far) there's no procedure turn...It's just a straight shot on an outbound radial from the Molokai vortac. At least the scenario I was given did not involve a PT. Just read the missed approach procedure carefully and don't bite off on the fact that the missed calls for an initial climbing right turn. Chief pilot showed me the plate with a small aircraft superimposed on the plan view. In the situation I was shown, the sensible thing to do was a climbing left turn, away from the mountain, then proceed direct to the holding fix. Just take your time reviewing the plate before you open your mouth....worked for me. Good luck!
Doesn't hawaii use a P (PHNL, or POGG) for their airport identifier?
Hugh Jorgan said:
You won't find that approach at that website and it's also not in any of the Jepps. It is a locally designed approach by Island Air or Corporate Air, so I hear.

Actually, the approach was designed by Hawaiian Airlines back in the day when they were flying DHC-7's. Currently, only Island Air and Corporate Air can use that approach.

As for the "gouge", like Hugh said... if you are asked about executing the missed once you've begun your circle, turn AWAY from the mountain and over the water as the missed procedure intends. It's actually a pretty easy approach.
Hi guys,

Just got back from the Island/Aloha Air interview. In the meeting with the chief pilot, I got the dreaded approach plate. I initially called up Jeppessen, and asked for this chart, but like you said Hugh, it is not published. Anyway, was pretty easy to decipher, and I said the right thing, and moved on in the interview process. The company seems like a nice place to work, and I felt really good with Phyliss Torres, and Joe Edwards. I could of done better with the un expected sim ride, but nothing a few hours can't remedy. The cog test seemed rather interesting, but I don't feel I did bad. The little written was easy and the drug test was done at the end. Hugh, given all that I had to do during my interview, do you think I have a chance to get on? I would really like to work there, and get a little sun.

Thanks to all for your help...

I was wondering the same thing following my interview. My thought was if they were willing to shell out the coin for the drug test ( I think that stuff's expensive), they are probably interested in you. Of course, they don't have the written test results before they do that, but I felt pretty good knowing that I kept moving through the process. Seems like a great place to be. Good luck and let us know when you get the good letter (I got it via email within about 5 days, I think). Aloha.
Hey Hugh,

When did ou interview with them? And are you currently flying for them? I may have alot more questions to ask you later if you don't mind.

Your friend,

part of this is late, but if any up coming interviewees read this maybe it'll help.

first of hawaii airports start with PH (Pacific Hawaii), and then whatever letters they decide to put at the end. its not a logical process on which two letters are included. KHNL became PHNL, KOGG - PHOG, KJHM - PHJH, KMKK - PHMK, KLNY - PHNY, etc.

when you are reviewing that plate in the interview what they are looking for is to see if you know when the you follow the missed instructions and when you dont on a circling approach. basically, the missed approach instructions are good if you go missed at the MAP. if you are already circling you are supposed to turn towards the airport (if you're not already facing that way) and then rejoin the missed approach procedure. in this case if you're headed for runway 2, you want to turn left, away from the mountain, or runway 20 turn right, away from the mountain...then rejoin the missed approach procedures.

they dont give everyone a drug screen, the only people that do are the ones that didnt bomb all the interview stages that are evaluated immediately. so if you got the drug test you are basically in the hiring pool pending your psych, drug, and possibly the written test. this is not to say that you'll get hired in the next class, because they typically only hire an average of 8 per class. if you're not in the next class you're still in the pool for a future class. and believe me, there are lots of more classes to come.

good luck to you...

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