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Lisa Tealer can't use seat-back trays when she's flying because she's "fat"

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for an "executive" this woman is an idiot.

I was looking at tickets from the west coast to the east coast online with 3 stops, and it was $370ish more to fly first class each way all on mainline a/c to smaller out of hub stations.

STFU and buy the first class ticket, or another seat. JFC.
If you have a condition that causes you to get fat, get help for it. If you are lazy, stop asking everyone to accomodate for your laziness. Get off you fat butt, exchange your twinkies for an apple, switch to diet coke, and walk for 30 minutes every day. It will be amazing what happens.

I started to become one of "those" people, was getting up there in pounds. I switched to diet coke, started eating an apple or an orange every day, dropped the whole milk to skim, and started walking 30 minutes a day. The result? In one year I lost forty pounds. You know what, I have kept it off, and it was very easy to do.

I worked with a morbidly obese guy once. He always complained that it was a medical condition. You know what his "medical condition" was? Well I am pretty sure it had to do with the fifteen hostess cupcakes and two liter bottle of pepsi he would eat for lunch every day.

I have little sympathy.
"diversity executive of a biotech company in the San Francisco Bay Area"

Guaranteed to have a lick her license...
I love greeting each and every pax boarding on my plane. I'm very frank with them about leg room, ticket prices, etc..when I hear them whining. Most of the time they STFU. Of course, they get special treatment from the F/As when I point them out.
I love this industry!!!
But obesity can result from debilitating or chronic medical conditions,

Uhhhhhh, like the inability to stop moving your hand from the plate to your pie-hole? I did not know that was a disease, learn something everyday.
Airlines should start charging $100 for a seatbelt extension.

Dear Lisa,

Your inability to move your ass and eat right is a burden on the rest of us. I'm tired of listening to all the whining and finger pointing from people with no discipline and bad habits.
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Fat is not genetic, it is learned. Have you ever observed fat people at the airport foodcourt? They always use massive amounts of salt and super size there meals. It is not genetics. Was everyone in the Mayflower fat?
No, no, no! You guys have it all wrong. If they're fat (Passengers Of Size), they should get two of everything at no extra charge!

At McWaddles, two BigMacs, since they have so much to feed!
At hotels, queen size bed becomes a king size!
A Honda Accord becomes a 1993 Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon, etc.
My solution would be, don't make them buy an extra seat, just make all the POSs sit in the same row. Let them all flab over each other and try to figure out how to all three fit in 23 A,B, and C.

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